Friday, 13 April 2012

Bedside Boudoir Cabinets

Pretty pale blue boudoir bedside cabinets ready and waiting to go to  Shingle Cottage this Summer....
    I always say to myself "buy what you can afford to buy and then make it look like what you can not afford to buy" with this in mind i searched vintage shops and junk shops for some frenchy type bedside search eventually led me to Ebay where i found two mirrored and marble topped ones for £95 for the pair and they were a few hours drive up the coast from Shingle Cottage...this how they looked below when we picked them up.......
    After stripping and removing a lot of sticky gold paint from the brass hardware and a good sand and gluing here and there they looked like this..........
    Here they are below finished...the marble tops were removed and soaked in a large bucket over night in baby sterilizing fluid,marble is porous and absorbs liquid so it soaks out all the ingrained dirt,you can then buy marble polish (you can find marble polish on Ebay),apply the wax and buff back to a high sheen.....i mixed a few colours to make a pretty pale blue and painted antique white here and there to soften and give an aged appearance.....the hardware stripped and polished now sparkles and shines once more......
     The mirrors cleaned with white spirit on cotton wool removed years of grime and it is good for removing hairspray from mirrors too.....i used it outside in a well ventilated area and applied it with cotton wool and then used my usual window cleaner after to remove the smell......
    Pretty glass door knobs from Anthropolgie.....draw pulls from an old cupboard in Shingle Cottage,  all other hardware original.
         I like to paint my furniture by hand as i like to see the brush strokes...then softly sanded and chipped for time worn elegance.....
    A dowdy brown bird cage caught my eye and was transformed in the same pretty pale blue....
    Meanwhile over at Shingle Cottage it was all hard work and no glamour last weekend but oh we got so much done,do you see the tree trunk to the left that had Steve stumped and our huge mole hills? drains have been laid and we can now move forward with the bathroom...Steve will be piping up the shower,bath and toilet this weekend and installing an extractor fan and i have a date with a tin of antique white paint and seven doors....the view below is from the bathroom and you can see to the right i have moved shingle and made a small start on our 'cottage garden'....the lilac tree is covered in buds and i have planted delphiniums,lavender and roses.......the sea is to the right of the picture below and i am dreaming of laying in the bath and listening to the waves......
    You need a pretty picture after looking at our new drains so i shall leave you with  my Bedside Boudoir Cabinets and Swan hat box........
    We will be traveling this afternoon to start work once more on Shingle Cottage and i can not wait,i love going home at the weekends and i am taking a hydrangea and some lady's mantle to plant in our garden.....


    I wish you a wonderful weekend where ever you are and what ever you are up to........See you next time for more tales and goings on from Shingle Cottage....


     Show and tell Friday


    1. I love your story,... and your bedside tables are just epic! They couldn't possibly be any prettier or any more unique. Great score and great job making them magic!


    2. Lovely post, have an absolutely lovely time planting in your garden this weekend! Take care

    3. Those bedside tables turned out lovely...that color is incredible!
      THANKS for the input on the woodwork...we'll see what happens:)...Have a great weekend!

    4. oh this is a nice post...I am working hard too on my shop, so I know how excited you are to get it done so you can enjoy your vision come to life. I just love that blue on the chests~I bought a small french chest that looks similar and I think I will copy you!!

    5. Greetings from Australia! Oh my! I love what you did with these bedsides! The colour you picked is so pretty too. They look very expensive now..ha! I've read all your posts and look forward to following you... take care, Maryann

    6. I am still not used to your new name so when it shows up in my blog roll I don't remember it is you! The blue french chests are lovely and will be right at home in you seaside cottage. Everything looks are getting much more work done than we would be able to. I am so impressed by the transformation already!


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