Friday, 20 April 2012

Tole light Tutorial

I have always loved  vintage tole lighting and the tole candle holder below is one of my favourite the time i bought it there was a matching ceiling light for sale also and i over looked it thinking i could get it next time...well i never did and have not seen it anywhere since although i have looked when out and about......

The antique white chandelier below i have had for years and decided i would try to make my very own tole light for Shingle Cottage....

I started by mixing my own paint colours and adding a little white plaster to achieve an aged and uneven texture when finished..the plaster also helps the paint to dry matt which also achieves a time worn  and dusty look.....
My chandelier was covered in leaves but it had no flowers...looking through my stash of bits and bobs i came across these metal flowers below from an old light fitting along with some cut glass centers that fit perfectly inside....i gave the flowers a coat of ivory mixed with a dash of rose and left them to dry.....
I then found three larger cut glass droplets which i hung on the center leaves as you will see later,using different size droplets will break a piece up and stop it looking too uniformed and new.....
Once dry i mixed the same rose colour paint i had made earlier with lavender and washed it over the top of the flowers to add depth and a layered aged paint effect.....
I then painted the lavender on the tips of the flowers and on the crown and bottom of the chandelier as you will see as we go along.................
With a wet brush i splotched cream here and there on the flowers......see how the plaster in the paint gives a lovely thick layer over layer of paint effect.......
and smudged  it in with a cotton dish cloth............
When finished the flowers looked like this below......
I then mixed up a soft duck egg blue......
and painted all the leaves on the chandelier....when dry i painted lines of a leaf green and splotched cream paint on top once more.........i left the frame of the chandelier in its original colour as it was a nice contrast to my tole work......
When smudged with a cloth it looked like this below.....always keep your cloth damp and keep your paint brush loaded with paint...the wetter everything is the easier it is to blend the colours together......
The bulb holder leaves were painted in soft duck egg blue and the tips in turquoise and then a mixture of turquoise and the duck egg paint was splotched on top...................
Wrapping the cloth around my finger i then wiped all the colours from the tip to the center......
Which achieved the look below........
A mixture of black and brown was then applied to the tips and here and there on the flowers and leaves all over the chandelier and  was then smudged in the same way........
When everything was dry i wired my flowers to the branches and added lots of cut glass droplets......
Popped the candle covers back on which i had left in the same original finish as the frame........
Here we are  my tole light all finished...............what do you think of the finished look?.....

Do you like tole lights and would you now try to paint one yourself?


Have a lovely weekend where ever you are and whatever you are up to...........we are heading for Shingle Cottage in an hour or so to start some more work on the bathroom and if the sun is shining i will be working away in our cottage garden and listening to the sea with some golden oldies playing softly in the background....


  1. Oh I love it~I love tole, and I did do my own tole painting on two tole candlesticks a way back...your tutorial is wonderful!! I would love to have an authentic tole chandy in my shop, but this is also a great way to customize a metal chandy like the one I have in my bathroom. I LOVE yours!!

  2. PS the best part is the flowers with the glass fleurs that you added~now I wouldn't have thought of that!~!

  3. hey, i tried to write you back, but you have no reply on your blogger eamils...i wanted you to see my candlesticks...that link you sent of the humungous chandy is killer!

  4. First of all you are so brave. Wow...what an amazing outcome. The chandy is fabulous. What an inspiring post! I would love it if you would share this post at our WIW linky party. I hope you can join us.


    1. Thank you and yes i would love to link to your WIW party! thank you for the invite xxx

  5. Oh my Krissie, you are sooo talented, what a lovely looks so beautiful with the crystal's all going to look beautiful...Have a lovely weekend. Sharon:)

  6. AMAZING! You did a great job, it looks completely like a vintage tole chandy, pretty as can be!


  7. Hi! I just came over from Maison Decor. All I can say is WOW!
    I don't usually leave comments, as writing on my ipad is a pain, but this tutorial is OUTSTANDING!, not just another mindless post about throwing some paint at a piece of furniture. I will now explore your blog, nice to "meet" you!

    1. Thank you Betsy! i am framing your comment it has made my week! lovely to meet you too xxx

  8. Oh I love this, it turned out beautifully! Just found you from Amy's blog.

  9. Oh my gosh! Beautiful! You make it sound easy though I a very sure it isn't !
    I have two sconces that need a better "age" I will give it a shot! What paint did you use? Annie Sloan?

  10. Following Amy's suggestion and wow! am I impressed.But most of all you have impressed Betsy Speert. When that happens you know you have really scored! Congratulations on your vision and patience for the project.

    1. Hello Connie,
      Amy is so kind i love her,Thank you for your kind comment....i had to check it was THE Betsy Speert! i am still in shock but WOW what a compliment.

  11. GORGEOUS!Love it.Um yes I do love those lights.And I would try this.Glad I found you from Amy's blog.I am going to follow your sweet blog.

  12. Hello, Stopping by from Mod-Vintage-Life to compliment your chandelier -- it is simply wonderful! If lucky enough to find an authentic tole chandelier, it usually is expensive, but you've given us a clever way to re-create the look we love. How inspiring!

    1. Hello Sharon,
      Thank you so much for your kind words,i have a feeling i will be painting more xxx

  13. Good morning from Colorado! Popping over from Amy's blog...and so happy I did!
    Brilliant work with the chandy...just love it.
    Thank you from your new follower.

    1. Good morning to you from England! thank you so much for your kind comment and welcome to Shingle Cottage xxx

  14. Wow. This turned out beautifully. I've got a (new) antique brass colored chandelier that I might just try this on. Thanks for the tutorial.

  15. Amazing transformation! You are so talented!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope tom see you on my blog:)

  16. Oh you did a beautiful transformation on this chandy! It turned out goreous! Visiting from WIW

  17. Wow! That is incredible! It's prettier than a lot of tole chandeliers that I have seen :) Well done! I love the colors!

  18. That is a fabulous paint job, I'd think you surely bought it that way. Gorgeous!
    I don't think I'll try for fear of making an utter mess of it all. (But I do know
    just who to turn to for a steady hand!!!)Thanks so much for sharing with us, it is
    the chandelier of your dreams, (and mine!)

  19. What an amazing difference your beautiful handy work has made. Thanks you ever so much for sharing, I will follow on my way out so I know the path back to your special place. I hope you will find the time to come visit me soon and do the same. I look forward to supporting and engaging together. Cheers SpecialK XoXo


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