Thursday, 31 May 2012

Back Soon....

I am leaving this afternoon for Shingle Cottage and i am staying for ten days!...four of these will be by myself which will be a  first for me....there is a lot of work to be done and i am all by myself knocking out the old bathroom which will become my laundry room  and filling a large skip with all sorts of rubbish and soil...i have the old plasterboard to knock out of the kitchen walls and ceiling and the wall to knock through into what was the old toilet to make the kitchen bigger...i am also papering the main room with lining paper and painting my brick wall in an aged  faux stone finish and the bathroom will be getting another two coats of Antique White.....the fireplace hearth has to be grouted too.
Steve and his friend will be putting in the bow windows to the main room and bedroom and taking the outside walls down and re covering them in ply and breather membrane ready for the shingles to go on top...they will also be fitting new shaped boards to the eaves at the back of the cottage and i have a lovely french blue that i will be painting them with....

We are really starting to get somewhere on the inside and it won't be long before i can furnish our cottage and take room shots,oh i can not wait for that on my blog,real pictures of our cottage and not of a building site......

I love this pretty rose covered  Shingle Cottage  taken by Debby of Inspired Design....the roses covering the roof are just beautiful....

I have packed a bag full of  home decor books and a pile of girly dvds to keep me busy on my nights alone...

I will be back blogging soon with pictures,tales and goings on from Shingle Cottage....


  1. Have a wonderful trip.Can't wait to see photos of your cottage.I know it will be beautiful!

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  3. Oh I do wish I could join you. Nothing like a couple of girls ripping and tearing things apart - and no doubt a laugh or two. Enjoy making the ugly go away and your time at your cottage. Patty/BC

  4. Enjoy your stay and wish you and the rest is waiting for photos of a house ...

  5. Oh it sounds like much hard work but much progress will be your result! I can't wait to see your interior shots!

  6. How lovely....enjoy your time alone...what a pretty cottage pic you've posted, really magical. Take care. Look forward to seeing the photos of the cottage. Sharon.x


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