Monday, 21 May 2012


I am so looking forward to the first flush of roses in our garden....buds are everywhere waiting to open and with the mid-week heat wave predicted  for England i might just have some roses to cut and bring inside...

I dressed my stone girl statue last year with blooms from our garden....
I also covered the lamp shade below with a faded old bark cloth fabric covered in little raspberry covered roses recently.......
I love  how the draped lace looks on the frame in the background.......
I sew all the edges and trims by hand...i don't care for glue as it yellows over time and spoils the takes longer to do but i enjoy the work and the softer  finished result....

I also added vintage crocheted trim to the top which looks really pretty when the light is on as you can see in my sewing room post here  

I love the texture of this bark cloth fabric and the faded roses

Talking of roses...i planted the  David Austin rose below named 'James Galway' at Shingle Cottage last Summer and it bloomed for months,it has the most beautiful shaped petals,if you look closely they are shaped like this { on the edges which makes it catch the light like an old oil has a lovely old rose perfume too....
The rose bush has really grown this year so i am hoping to have lots of blooms all Summer long at Shingle Cottage.....i will then be able to make pretty display's and pop them here and there in our cottage.....
Such a lovely shade of pink.......
I am recovering some  lamp shades this afternoon and i have a few pillows to finish off too and all are in rose covered fabrics.......
My fingers are crossed for the sun to shine and open those sweet little rose buds........

I hope your week is a rosey one too......



  1. Your roses are absolutely exquisite! Can't wait for a little bit of sunshine - about time! Enjoy the week. Sharon x

  2. Oh how pretty your shades and your roses are! Will you show how you do the shades? THat seems quite hard to make it fit so snugly to the you strip the frame to the wire and then do you bother to line it or what? I think you could start a business just doing custom shades...

  3. Life is coming up roses, for mine are blooming as well. I just planted 3 new David Austins, including James Galway. I cannot wait until it blooms. Yours is perfectly beautiful and I am looking forward to mine putting on such a show. Have a good, creative week.

  4. I missed the girl of stone.
    Beautiful roses ..

  5. Love your stature. Your flowers are beautiful.Those flowers on her head are both pretty and whimsical.
    Have a great week-end.

  6. This lovely post was the perfect introduction to your blog for me. (As you might guess from my user name, I do like roses just a bit.) I, too, was wondering about the lamp shade - lined or not? On the inside bit that can be seen in one photo, it appears that you used a slightly smaller rose print to line the shade, but it may just be the back of the shade fabric with a rose showing through. Which is it?

    I love the idea of dressing your beautiful stone lady in roses! I have a couple of stone cherubs I have long intended to make hair wreaths for; this is just the impetus I needed to get that done. Thank you for the inspiring photos.

    Come visit Texas - we have all the sunshine you could want, and then some.

    RoseAddict, looking for some shade... and more roses

    1. Hello RoseAddict,
      This particular lampshade is unlined as the fabric is a lovely thick barckcloth x

  7. I am so glad to have stumbled upon your new blog! I'm not a blogger, but had been reading all of your posts about your life and the cottage, when POOF! You were gone! It was like being in the middle of a really good book, then not knowing how it would end... I'm so happy that your cottage is coming along so well! I happened to click on your link from Betsy Speert's blog, read a couple of posts and thought, " Could it be the Shabbily Ever After girl..? The style is hers..." And it WAS you! Thanks for continuing to share your story. Barbara

    1. Barbara thank you so much for your lovely comment and i am so happy you found me,have a wonderful weekend x

  8. How beautiful! Have a gorgeous day, Kellie xx


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