Thursday, 17 May 2012

Shall we?

I have been very busy this week packing our belongings here in the city and tidying the garden up,i am lucky as my boy has helped me this week now that he has finished school after his exams....we have of course been busy building at the weekend at the coast,i don't feel stressed with the work or nervous about the move but sometimes i am a little pooped and i will be much happier when we have one home and not two as it can get a little much going back and forth and working at both ends and i am looking forward to Summer days out on weekends at some of our old haunts,one being the pretty village of Grassington with its picture postcard cottages......i found these pictures in one of my folders from our last visit and seen as how i can not be there in person i thought we could visit together here on my blog girls,what do you say?.....

Shall we?
We would pass pretty cottages covered in climbing roses and flower filled baskets and little painted porches that welcome you up to the front door......all seem to have a bench to sit and read or pass time a while.......
The carved stone  at the top of the beautiful house below is dated 1896  Grasmere ...... i love how the wisteria stem has been plaited as it has grown and the dressing table in the upstairs window looks beautiful......
A  garden of topiary trees in this manicured garden are always admired by visitors and i know American girls love it as i have over heard them saying how pretty everything is.....
Underneath the topiary the planting is a little wild and cottage garden while above it is clipped to perfection.....i really like the contrast between the two,do you?......
To the left the topiary hides french doors that open out onto a Summer pretty it makes you wish you could stay the night.......
Well we can! this pretty place is a Guest House......oh they are full!
Well  here then?.......i love the ivy clad walls and flower baskets.......
I dream of having a weekend off to visit this shop.....lets go in shall we?
And  climb these stairs inside........
I would take this mirror hanger below home with me......i like the paint finish and i am guessing it could be Annie Sloan,Amy?......
Steve would carry our bags girls as he is lovely that way and he likes to be a gentleman........there he is waiting for us.......
We could wander the cobble streets and peek in the lace covered cottage windows.........
After we could stop and have tea and cake at a cafe and take pictures of the beautiful hollyhocks growing outside....see the chandelier in the left window? too pretty....
I would like to grow hollyhocks at the coast,i did grow some pretty double blossomed ones here inland  called 'Apple Blossom' last year that looked beautiful......We have planted laurel hedging all around the gardens at Shingle Cottage to  stop the sea breeze burning our plants and an apple tree and two Rowan trees were planted in the gardens  last weekend,tomorrow we are taking a pear tree,this hopefully will make us a little micro climate where our garden will flourish.

I hope you enjoyed our day out at Grassington.....

Until next time


  1. AAhh such beautiful photographs, what a pretty village, I feel like packing a suitcase...Lovely.

  2. Oh I did enjoy it! What a lovely stroll. You live in an enchanting place. Your cottage by the sea sounds like it is coming along nicely. You are going to have a grand summer. ox

  3. I loved my day at Grassington! Thank you for this bit of virtual vacation. I so wish I could close my eyes and wake up there! But I would imagine that once finished your sea side cottage will be charming and beautiful and romantic that it will rival any of English cottage. My friend and I had wanted to travel abroad this summer, staying in Yorkshire, but life has gotten in our way. So next summer I am hoping to take my daughters to the Chelsea Flower show. Until then, I will tag along with you and my other English blog friends as you vacation and travel and share.

  4. It is a beautiful village and you can not help but be charmed by it,there is a beautiful walk along the river that i wrote about and pictured on my old blog,you should visit Grassington if you do make it to Yorkshire Ann i think you would really love it.
    If you ever wanted me to and you told me the the kinds of things you wanted to see i could make you a list with online links to places and gardens etc for you to visit x

    1. My friend and I are hoping to make our trip next May. I laughed and told her that we should just retire (we are of that age) and travel this Sept. Then we both laughed. I will take you up on your offer for a list of places, especially lodging.

  5. Thank you for sharing such a lovely post! I felt like I was there with you, walking, sightseeing, shopping.. one day, I will have to come visit!

    Just when you thought

  6. I'm glad you found me. I could not believe the blog disappeared.
    I could not find your part but you .. I am very pleased ..

  7. Thanks for taking me on this tour of your wonderful village, England is so enchanting and homey. XO Christie

  8. I think i just died and went to heaven... oh my goodness...


  9. I found your blog through Amy's. : ) What great pictures! A lot of these homes you've pictured remind me of some of my favorite village scenes from the British shows I've watched for years - Last of the Summer Wine, As Time Goes By and even Doc Martin. A very lovely village.

  10. Hi,I refound your blog today via Thriftwood, I've had the most splendid time looking at your transformation of Shingle Cottage, it's SOOOOOOO!!! pretty you have such good taste you lucky thing,and I had a lovely time on your journey to Grassington.It's quite late now so I will go to bed and dream that I too have a seaside cottage!!!!Kind Regards Pam.

  11. Hi Pam :)
    So happy you have enjoyed our journey so far,Grassington is lovely and i hope your dreams were too x


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