Thursday, 30 August 2012

Bank Holiday Weekend

We had a sleep in this morning which was wonderful,do you have those now and again? the word heaven springs to mind....

After a long working bank holiday weekend at Shingle Cottage we were pooped,really pooped,in fact that pooped we have decided to have this next weekend off...We are going out for a drive this Saturday all dressed up away from paint and saw dust,to visit some old haunts and maybe pick up a few treasures for Shingle Cottage.....I am going to pick out a pretty dress and head for the nearest place that is serving a cream tea!

Those of you follow me on Facebook will know i have been sewing a lot lately and i have really enjoyed covering this lampshade below...Here it is tack stitched in place waiting for ruffles and neat edges which i will be making right after this post is written........The roses on the fabric are  a strawberry milkshake/hot pink shade and along with grey and aqua these are the colours we have chosen for the room....
Last weekend at Shingle Cottage Steve decided it was time to work some more in the room as he wanted to finish the edges around the new bow window..........
Hmmmmm what to do with the walls?
After sitting and throwing lots of ideas around over a nice cup of tea and a slice of cherry bakewell we agreed on panelling...
We knew you could buy it ready made but as usual we thought surely we can make it ourselves? so we did!....Steve went off shopping for timber and i cleared the room.....

Here's how we did it....

First we fixed 6mm mdf board to all the walls half way up...
We decided i nagged Steve until he gave in to have wall lights either side of the bow window so the wires were  popped through ready for later.......
We then added four by one struts on top to give us our panelled frame and rested the skirting board on top of two pieces of floorboard below as we will be fitting all new floorboards in here....
Then we spaced out the struts to see how wide we liked them apart......We were judging were everything would eventually be.....
We then fixed them to the wall and made a frame to fix the skirting board to later on..........
We worked right around the room apart from my lovely brick wall....
Here you can just see i have added some lanterns to our fireplace wall and popped a couple of pictures up in the hallway....
Steve then routed all the edges of the struts which really made such a difference......
He routed up and around the window too there was no stopping him!!!.....
After we swept up piles and piles of sawdust we fixed a wide ornate moulding rail to the top.....
The wall lights went up so we could see how everything was looking..wish i had popped another bulb in before i took a picture....Oh that garden at the back needs some work too!
 When we have finished with the scaffolding we will clear up and have a nice green lawn put down to gaze upon.....

The wall lights are Laura Ashley 'Lavenham' and you can find them on offer at the moment here
My crystals are packed away until we have wall papered so they don't get broken.....
Out came the Rustins Knotting....You can not believe how many bottles of this we have used in Shingle Cottage........It is a brilliant product!!
You simply paint it over all the knots in the wood and it stops the sap leaking through your paint work....if you don't use it in a few months you will see a brown stain appear where ever there is a knot and you are back to where you started......So it really is worth the effort.....
I painted all the kitchen walls and wood work again over the weekend and i painted our butchers block in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint .......For all you chalk painters out there i mixed up Duck Egg Blue,Antibes Green and Louis Blue and it gave me the most beautiful sea foam/aqua colour.......
Next time i will be sanding the butchers block top and oiling it......
I am going to Shingle Cottage for a week soon which i can not wait for....just me and my Mum and during that week i will be painting the kitchen,hallway,bathroom and dining room floors white! I always dreamed of a cottage with white washed floors so this part will be a dream come true for me.....

We have lots to do as we are moving in the end of November....Bedroom walls have to go up and floors are to be fitted and tiled phew! it will be far from finished but i don't mind one bit....

I  have to be there for Christmas baking in my pink kitchen with fairy lights twinkling and the open fire crackling while Judy Garland sings 'I'll be home for Christmas' softly in the background......Oh lord now i am all excited....Hope i sleep tonight ;)

Life is what you make it right?.......Well i am dreaming of a fairy tale......

Thank you for stopping by to catch up on what has been going on down at Shingle Cottage...I love to read your comments they really do spur us on you are like our very own cheer leaders,we really appreciate all your kind words...Thank you! xxx

Join me next time for more tales and goings on from that little place lost in time.....our little Shingle Cottage.......


  1. Steve's work is so professional, so artistic. My husband's uncle does all of our carpentry work and it amazes me how these men can take our dreams and turn wood into whatever we ask of them. Seems a bit early to be thinking of Christmas yet, but I have no doubt that you will baking cookies with Judy in the background. Your week end off sounds wonderful.

    1. Thank you Ann x i will tell Steve when he gets home tonight it will make him smile....It is amazing to watch men build and craft it all looks so easy! I was talking to my Mum this morning about moving the end of November and she said "oooh just in time for Christmas" well that was it my mind was racing :) i hope you are well my friend x

  2. Wow you have been busy! you both deserve a rest and I am sure you both will have many afternoons with your feet up taking in all of your hard work over a pot of tea. I love the lampshade it's just what I am looking for, if you ever intend on making one for sale then please let me know. AS for Christmas its only around the corner and we are all excited too.

  3. Thank you my pink loving friend ;)
    I have a slightly smaller shade the same shape i will be covering for my shop.....I will show you the one in this post when it has it's finished edges and then you can let me know if you like it etc xxx

    1. Hello just received your message I have not worked out how to read replies yet lol. Yes I will have a look once you post up its for the free standing light I bought a few weeks back. I know you have a lot on so no rush, loving the pink friend :) Thank you for getting back to me I hope you are having fun in the house this week. Speak soon Tracy x

  4. Wow, you all are so creative!

    Amy Jo

    1. We are always up to something Amy Jo...My mum says we never sit still ;) x

  5. Oh boy, have you alot of work to do! You guys deserve a break for sure! I love how its turning out though, I can tell its going to be gorgeous!!! I adore the material you used for the lampshade too :)


    1. Thank you Katherine x
      The fabric is really pretty isn't it?,its a real shame they don't print it anymore x

  6. You are making a beautiful life. I love it that you share it with us!

  7. Did your Mum buy the cottage in your neighborhood? Love your continuing story! Barbara

  8. Hi Barbara :)
    She is still in love with it and it is still for sale so i will keep you posted,it is a big move for her so i really want it to be her decision no pushing from me,i just want her to be happy but i would be over the moon if she gets it x

  9. How wonderful to be chronicleing?spelling-all this. It's after midnight so forgive any misspelling! I love all the trims and sweet features you have been adding, and maybe at Christmas with snowflakes and wind, you will be all snug as a bug in front of the fire. Oh and hot chocolate, carols, fairy lights, and a sweet Christmas tree in the corner!

    1. Thank you Mary,
      I just love the snug as a bug in front of the fire,you are a girl after my own heart xxx

  10. i love your lampshades. I would love to know if you have them to sell. I live in Canada. If not would love to know how to make them. I am not great at doing things like that. You have such a wonderful talent.


    1. Thank you Diane :)
      I am working on various lamp shades that i will have for sale along with other hand sewn goods in my online shop and hopefully that will be up and running very soon x

  11. It looks glad to learn about knotting!!

  12. Oh wow, this is really looking fantastic! YOu guys are the dynamic duo!!! And I adore the lgihts, so glad you begged and pleaded (nagged) for them!! Bravo!

  13. Thanks Amy!! i am really glad i nagged too lol and so was Steve when he turned them on,i forgot to tell him i have another two just the same ;) x

  14. Your cottage is adorable and I cannot wait to see the kitchen when it is finished. I have looked through a number of posts and now I long for times gone by spent with my grandmother. She always made me feel so loved and welcome. I guess looking a your little cottage does the same for me. I am happy to join your journey. I too would love to have a pink kitchen. Good luck in all your endeavors.

    Letters from the Shore
    P.S. I am also looking for a place that serves cream tea!

  15. Hi Kim,
    So great to have you join us :) You are always welcome at Shingle Cottage! Your Grandma must have been a special lady for you to hold such dear memories xxx

  16. Hi there, it's been a while since I stopped by (I've had overseas visitors, but now they've all gone home!) and I just love how your cottage is taking shape. I love the panelling, I think it really adds to the cottage feel. We all have to make our own dreams come true, I'm so glad for you ....looking forward to seeing beautiful photos soon! (Do buy Perfect English Cottage by Ros Byam Shaw - you will absolutely love it - it's a great inspirational coffee table book, one that you will never tire of - available at Amazon) Best wishes for a lovely week. Sharon x

  17. Hi Sharon :)
    Such a good book recommendation,I just looked on the bookcase,i was sure it sounded familiar and guess what? i have it! Thank you for that i have packed it to read on the way.
    Thank you for your lovely comment too! We are painting the panelling this weekend and there has been talk of a grey frame,old white middles and gold gilt!!! and that is from Steve ;)
    Have a beautiful weekend i here the sun will be shining! xxx


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