Monday, 13 August 2012

Green And Pink

In between painting and sanding i had the chance to create with Pink and Green in the hallway at Shingle Cottage at the weekend....

After we had cladded all the ceilings and walls and white washed everywhere in a soft antique white we  hung two chandeliers for a touch of glamour and placed a painted table and mirror at the end to create a focal point....

I still have the floorboards to whitewash but for now the table was painted in  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Old White and the details were painted in Antibes and the pink mirror makeover you can read about  here.......
The week before i had taken a few boxes of faux flowers and pictures and the rest of the pieces you can see below and it was all piled at the end of the hallway....i really liked how the colours looked against the pink of the mirror and the green on the edge of the table and decided the next week that i would dress this area in a pretty French inspired theme....
I had two heavy brass crystal candle holders at home and two shell pink candles that i had bought a while ago because they are rose perfumed....I popped them on the candle holders and thought the height and colour were good and  packed them to take to Shingle Cottage thinking  they would sit well next to the pink mirror.....
I had a large enamel jug at home filled with some faux foxgloves and a  cast iron bird bath which was already a distressed soft white and i do love little birds in decor i think it gives an outdoor garden look and makes me think of Summer and freshness....
Everything was kept in a colour palette of green,pink and creamy white....
I'm really happy with the end look....It is pretty but a French grown up pretty and as always with decor it can be changed and tweeked through the Seasons.....
I have a white china rabbit with a pink bow around her neck that would look lovely sat here at Easter or imagine the bird bath filled with pale pink baubles at Christmas?......
Back in the kitchen we spent a lot of time cladding inside the old kitchen cupboards and building shelves....
It was a fiddly job being stuck in a cupboard most of the day but it will give us a lot of storage once we have it all finished......
Slowly but surely week by week Shingle Cottage comes a little closer to being a pretty cottage once more....Soon these cupboards will be filled with jams and pretty china and the shelves trimmed with old lace or a hand made fabric ruffle.....
After caulking all the joints and sealing the knots i gave it all a good white wash with Annie Sloan Old is the first time i have used Chalk Paint on bare wood and i wasn't sure how it would will  need another coat next week as it was drying patchy when we left yesterday but it is going to look lovely when finished......
I had this French herb or flower drying rack that i also brought with me and i decided to cut some   baby pink hydrangea from  Shingle Cottage garden and i hung them to dry in the kitchen..
My neighbor spotted them and asked what i was up to...After i told her we walked out into the garden and i cut her a huge bunch and she went home to dry her first hydrangea......
I just love green and pink Shingle Cottage......

Makes me wonder what are your favourite colours together?

Join me next time for more tales and goings on from Shingle Cottage....


  1. caroline belmarez13 August 2012 at 14:42


  2. I am clutching my chest and may die from how gorgeous your hall is. That mirror and table together, heavenly... the floors actually look pretty just as they are now! The colors are all just beautiful


    1. Cindy Thank you!
      We have thought the same about the floors,when i look at these pictures i want to keep it as it is but when i am at Shingle Cottage i want them white....We will have to decide soon x

  3. Absolutely beautiful ... love your style and colour combinations ... Very lovely! xx

  4. So So pretty! My favorite colors are pink and green and yellow. Spring colors are my favorite...

    Amy Jo

  5. I love yellow too Amy Jo,Spring colours are so happy x

  6. Pretty much pink for me. I am a pastel person, so I love what you are doing to the cottage. Although I am finding that I love aqua and browns, my heart always returns to pink. You have such flair and vision for how you want things to look and they look lovely. By the way, I have fed my hydrangea coffee grounds which it seems to be enjoying. I have also planted 3 more for next year. Fingers crossed that they survive the winter.

    1. I adore Aqua Ann it is a beautiful colour and it looks great with pink ;) Thank you always for your lovely comments xx i hope you have prolific flowering next year on your hydrangea x

  7. Love your blog, your stile, shingle cottage... Thank you for sharing!

  8. Your home is getting lovelier and lovelier!

  9. Love that pink mirror! Please show what color those hydrageas end up being after drying. Your beautiful cottage is really coming together!

  10. Thank you x
    I will be sure to blog them when they are dry :) ...i dried some blue ones about four years ago and they stayed the exact same colour so i am hoping these stay that pretty baby pink x

  11. You have such beautiful imagination with colours everything works so well together, your cottage is going to look wonderful once all finished. Tracy x

  12. Thank you Tracy,i can not wait to get everything finished and move in :) xxx

  13. My goodness - what beautiful, sherbet-y colours! it's all so beautiful - especially the mirror. SO happy to have stumbled across you - it's always a pleasure to find such a beautiful and inspiring blog! I can't wait to go through old posts and discover more.
    best wishes,
    Paula x


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