Friday, 14 September 2012

Another Day Out,Treasure and a little Kitchen!

Here i am again...If you have just joined us or its Sunday morning and you are snuggled up in bed with your lap top and a nice cup of tea you may not have seen that i wrote a post yesterday so you might want to take a peek after you are all finished here :)

Oh and a big welcome to all new followers it is good to have you aboard!

On Tuesday it was Steve's Birthday and we set off for Knaresborough once more,the choice of destination had a lot to with this beautiful shop below called Grey Bear......

We had popped in last week and Steve had his eye on some beautiful old cut glass decanters and glass decanter funnels,He has wanted some for years so what better a gift for my guy who enjoys a nice glass of red wine....My Mum bought him two! she is such a love and has a soft spot for Steve....
The shop is a beautiful mix of new and vintage and it reminds me of how shops used to be in Knaresborough many moons ago,The Grey Bear has been open for five months and it is really worth a visit if you are ever passing by.... 
We had lunch and pottered about before driving onto Borougbridge once more were we stopped at a pretty vintage style tea rooms that served afternoon tea in mis- matched china which me and Mum loved.....
Mum and Steve had a Yorkshire curd tart,they are so nice!....i had a paradise slice which was full of cherries and fruit....They had tea and i had a can of coke.....I was tired and needed the energy...
There were buns and cakes of all descriptions and it was popular with people calling in for take out sandwiches for lunch......
We all agreed that it was a good job it was a tea room and not a pub because i am sure after a drink no one would find the loo! haha...
Over the road from the tea room was this pretty fruit and vegetable shop,so quaint.....
I did pick up a lot of treasure,some being popped on one side for my little shop.....
On our first day out i picked up for Shingle Cottage the sugar jar and matching topiary pots below that i will use for baking ingredients,vanilla pods,sprinkles and such.......
Ten cabbage leaf side bowls which i think will bring a real fresh look to the dining table in Summer......
They are hand painted and all slightly different with a lovely aqua wash running through the center....
I popped them on a wire shelf that Steve had hung up for me last weekend over the chopping block just before we left Shingle Cottage....I will no doubt change everything you see here eventually but it is fun to play with the things i have taken so far.......

I have a few boxes packed with china,bits for the bathroom and kitchen,a plant stand and Frenchy tin ceiling light....I think i will take pictures when i unpack and then i can show you next time.....I know i always say it but i can not wait until those floor boards are white!.....
So off we go once more to Shingle Cottage where north winds blow and white horses rush to shore,where butterflies flutter and a girl potters with china and creates her dreams with paint while her guy builds a faux chimney breast in the bedroom for a vintage cast iron fireplace and pops in wires for two pink glass  chandelier wall lights on either side......Romantic? you bet!.....

I wish you all a beautiful weekend my dear readers what ever you may be up to and  do join me next time for more tales,treasure and goings on from oh you know where from by now don't you?

Oh and Sweet Pea if you are reading my blog you know that i love you don't you? :)


  1. It looks as if you all had a lovely day. Such pretty shops.

    Amy Jo

    1. Hi Amy Jo :)
      Yes pretty shops full of pretty things x

  2. How utterly lovely!! Why, oh why, do we not have such beautiful little neighborhoods and fruit stands in America?? And the treasures you found, for your precious cottage! If I sound jealous, it is because I am. Not in a mean way, like I wish I had that INSTEAD of you, just that I would love a life like yours, TOO!!

    1. Hi Sandra,
      I know exactly what you are saying ;) i do the same when i read my American friends blogs and sigh over your beautiful huge vintage fairs in the sunshine with white tents and especially when i see Christie Repasy's stall i want everything!!! xxx

  3. What a fun day, and a fun post to read. Love the quaint little shops, and the vegetable and fruit stand. But, what really grabbed me is that WONDERFUL chopping block! I can't believe how thick that gorgeous piece of wood on top is. Wow...
    Also, may i ask, what kind of wood is that on your floors? I really love the light color...


    1. Thanks Cindy!
      It is really heavy to move but i love it in our kitchen :) Steve laid all new floorboards through the house so they are un finished at the moment so it is just raw pine xxx

  4. I am a new follower and have just enjoyed going back and reading all of your posts. Your cottage is enchanting ... I can hardly wait to see the finished product. The other wonderful thing about your blog is the beautiful way in which you write. Reading the last paragraph above ("So off we go once more ...") is like reading a passage from a Rosamund Pilcher novel. I was transported to your charming cottage by the sea ... thank you!

    1. Welcome to Shingle Cottage Diane :)
      Thank you for your kind comments!...I do like to write dreamily and a little romantic too xxx

  5. Quite a lot here to absorb since I read both posts that I missed. The cottage is coming alone quite nicely and swooning over the stove is indeed appropriate. A long deep swoon. I love what you did with the little table. You have the touch. And it is nice to see your garden as well. I like the butterfly on the cone flower--always a favorite a photo to capture. Have a great week.

  6. Hi Ann,
    The stove is pretty isn't it? it makes me want to bake and bake!I think it will really give the kitchen a real cottage look....I hope you are well my friend xxx


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