Friday, 7 September 2012

Our Weekend off

We had a wonderful time on our weekend off and although we missed going to Shingle Cottage it did us the world of good to be about and about......
We made our way to a little place called Boroughbridge that we always used to visit pre Shingle Cottage and looked around pretty shops picking up a treasure or too which i will be showing you in my next post......
This is such a beautiful cottage and the colour of the door and windows reminds me of the cottage in the movie 'The Holiday'.....Dreamy duck egg blue....

The topiary trees and pots of flowers looked beautiful and i think really made the cottage look stunning........
The memorial in the center of the cobbled square below was really thought provoking,beautiful but really sad when you think how many lost their lives.....
We then headed for Knaresborough which is not too far down the road and walked to the castle to see this beautiful view below...It is like looking on a miniature village......
I have spent many hours here and have enjoyed lazing in a boat while Steve rowed away,he liked that it was good for his chest a bit of a workout as you might say..... Don't you think the gardens on the left of the picture are lovely on the river edge?.....
It was all very English,the rowing of boats and games of bowls were played outside the old court house.....
Wow it is very old!!!!......
Another beautiful memorial and a great view point that looks down.....
Here!......I bet you wish you could see the garden a little better don't you?....
Well you can ;) isn't it pretty....A barbecue area by the river and a little boat of one's own?...a little close to that waterfall drop for me but it looks pretty moored up....
A walk around the castle ruins enjoying the sunshine and then off to the car.....
Were we saw this pink dream of a camper van!!
Lulabelles....really? how divine i was in love!....
It matched my skirt perfectly and Steve was laughing when i stood next to it saying "look it matches".....
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The cream doughnut was lovely,really lovely and now it's time to get in the car and head over to Shingle Cottage where we will be painting the wall panelling i shared with you last time....Its supposed to be hot and sunny this weekend so have fun what ever you are up to and i will see you next time!...

For more tales of decorating and treasure sharing from Shingle Cottage



  1. What a lovely day out! Hope to visit Knaresborough in November when I go to the Country Living Fair in Harrogate .. Looks fab! xxx

    1. Dear Mrs Thriftwood,
      Knaresborough used to have fabulous,fabulous shops and after our visit last weekend i spied a few that makes me think it may be fabulous again!
      I have never visited the Harrogate Co0untry Living Fair,wonder if i could get another weekend off? x

  2. What a pretty town! I'm googling it as I type, I definitely need to visit! Yes, the weather is sublime at the moment, enjoy the weekend. Sharon x

    1. Sharon the weather was wonderful over the weekend wasn't it? I am going again tommorow think i best take my camera there was a gorgeous shop i think you would all like to see xxx

  3. Oh! What an pouting! That must be one of the prettiest towns in the UK. Add that to my list of places to visit next time I cross the Atlantic!

    1. Hi Bronwyn :)
      Yes very pretty indeed an d a little fairytale looking down on to the river x

  4. What a stunning place to be!!! Im in love, MUST visit there!!! The views are spectacular! :D


    1. Hi Katherine :)
      Yes the views are stunning i could sit there all day! x

  5. I love this post and the beautiful images of Boroughbridge village. The VW Van is a treasure.
    I am your new follower and look forward to your visit

    1. Hi Helen,
      Welcome! so glad you enjoyed this post,i was in love with the VW van such a pretty shade of pink x

  6. What an enchanting place... with all the little cottages. That doughnut doesn't look too shabby either! I love the pink and white van named Lulabelles, how cute is that? Nice that you guys took some time off, i know you feel compelled to finish Shingle Cottage... but this down time is probably a good idea too...


  7. Hi Cindy :)
    A pink VW van such a dream isn't it? you are so right about taking time off it has been two years now since we bought our Shingle Cottage a weekend off was long over due xxx

  8. What a lovely tour of the area, I really enjoyed reading the post and the photos are great.

  9. There is a reason why I love England so much. Your week end away was fabulous, and so are your photos which I enjoyed immensely. The country side is relaxing and after a week end out, you must feel refreshed and ready to get on with the work at Shingle Cottage.

  10. Ann we went back yesterday ;) i have more pictures on the way....We have just got home from shopping for paint ready for the weekend xxx


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