Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Plaster & Flowers

On Friday Steve pulled the car over in a nice little spot by a tree and a handsome cow....We wound the windows down let in the fresh air and switched off and sank back and enjoyed our picnic......So peaceful and so nice to be out enjoying nature hearing the birds and the cow munching on his  grass........After a drink and a chit chat about what we were both going to be up to later that afternoon we continued our journey to Shingle Cottage.....
Young sea gulls gliding on blue sky with feathered water colour clouds were calling over the cliff top .....the city fading from my mind.....ah it was good to be home.....
Steve headed off to the bedroom and plastered the chimney and window side walls....
While i unpacked and made the bed,put kindling in the fire grate and topped it with coal ready for when the sun disappeared from view taking her warmth with her...

Sweet pea found these gloves that she thought were very me....Pink? I wonder where she got that idea from?......
Smoke puffed from our chimney once more as kindling cracked and popped in the fire grate....soon it would be dark and the room wrapped in a cozy glow....It was turning cold and it was time for bed....
In the morning the sun shone brightly and i jumped up and opened the curtains so the sun could warm Shingle Cottage.... We sleep in the front room next to the fire as it is our only source of heat at the moment......
Ashes piled from last night and the smell of cinders was just lovely....I will be almost sad to have central heating as it just feels so right as it is...It's dreamy,romantic,vintage,call it what you will? but cuddling up next to an open fire is just the most,i love it!...
Tip toeing into the kitchen and peeking through the window i could see the sun shining on the picket fence and drying the dew from the cottage flowers....there is something about tip toeing around on floorboards...almost as if it is warmer to be up on your toes....
Steve bought me two gorgeous bunches of coral pink gladioli from our local super market while picking up our lunch,they are so beautiful and we will be shopping for some bulbs for our garden next year,i love their flamboyant ruffles and showy colours....Of course i will be looking for pink ones...... 
The roses just stretching up the trellis while the rest of the flowers wait patiently in the shade.....it was bright and cheery and i made tea for two with a smile knowing their was the promise of a new day...
After breakfast Steve skimmed the alcoves up to the fireplace with plaster.....
In fact right around the bedroom....He did such a great job and i am really proud of him and how hard he works on our  Shingle Cottage....But then he has such a soft spot for her and i know just how he feels.......
Would you just look at that sky!!! it was blue,blue,blue and the sun shining in the bedroom window really helped to dry the fresh plaster.....
Outside in the garden flowers basked,there was still a lot of colour for September....While out here  you often hear the humming of small planes passing over head and those men that look like they are sat on a lawn mower with a kite attached...I wave at them all as they go by and some wave back which i love! never lose you child hood innocence it is just too much fun!.......
With the plaster drying out really well Steve decided to cut and fit the coving around the top of the room.......Its amazing how much of a difference it made.....He took it right around the top of the cupboard we built which has given it a lovely built in i have always been here look.....
Oh little chimney breast look at you now in all your glory.....All we need in the bedroom now are floorboards,wallpaper,a new window oh yes and lashings of paint.....It's getting there....Slowly but surely.....
I bet you are wondering what i was up to while Steve got plastered?
Well i was in the kitchen and  i wasn't faffing or moving things around....i was chipping and sanding the cupboard doors to make them look a little more vintage...Although they are very vintage as they are the original kitchen cupboards....I sanded heavy in places and here and there just so you could see the dark wood peeping through.....The doors were painted in Annie Sloan 'Old White' and a top coat of 'Antoinette pink'.....But wait let me open the doors i want you to see inside.....
See.....I cut and pasted a vintage Sanderson wallpaper in each and every door.....It was so fun to do....
Look as you come in the front door below....Should i always keep them open?......I do have enough paper left to paper the outside  to match if i ever decide to....Steve loves it and i had Sweet Pea's seal of approval which is always lovely when you have finished a project.....It's so feminine and cottage like....
Such a nice surprise when you open the cupboard to be greeted by pink and white stripe and cabbage roses.....Old fashioned? oh yes indeed it is and that's just the way we like it....
So there you have it a little more work done and a little closer to becoming our dream cottage by the sea......
I have some more pictures and a post to write to share with you this week as there has been a little activity in the bathroom at Shingle Cottage and none of it was planned.....sometimes you just have to go with the flow...It makes life a little easier and sometimes more surprising....

Well my dear readers it is time for us to part,Thank you all for your wonderful and kind comments and for joining us on our journey to a little place we will soon call our home...

The flowers in the garden at Shingle Cottage whispered a secret to me at the weekend and i send it to each and every one of you....

'Keep your face always towards the sunshine
And the shadows will fall behind you'

Join me next time for more tales and goings on from our place and yours.....Shingle Cottage ♥.....



  1. Your house is really quite something!! beware of all the magazines hunting you down for a feature because that front room really is beautiful. Not just the whole colour scheme but all of the detail that has gone into displaying your pieces. I just want to pop in and drink tea next to your fire place. X

    1. Hi Pinky ;)
      Thank you so much...I can't wait to get the new floor down in here and then i can start adding furniture.....Tea by the fireplace sounds lovely! we could talk about your shop and Antoinette for hours i am guessing :) xx

  2. How beautiful it all is!! You must be thrilled.You have done so much! And already it looks amazing,warm and cozy! ~~~~~Beautiful~~~

    1. Thank you Anne :)
      There is so much more to do but we are getting a little closer each week and it was very cozy with the fire crackling at the weekend xx

  3. I enjoy keeping up with your goings on. Those pink Glads are so pretty--what a sweet husband you have. I have the same ones right now--so glad I planted them!

    1. Hi Sandy,
      I can't wait to go shopping for bulbs,they really are beautiful flowers x

  4. I am in love with your fabulous style! :D the brilliant decor astounds me!


  5. Yes! Keep the cupboards open! I had some paper very similar to that in my old house ... it brought back memories ... is it old paper or have you just bought it ... spill the beans, please! Thanks for sharing your lovely cottage ... I just love it xxx

  6. Dear Mrs Thriftwood,
    I was lucky enough to find only one roll of this vintage Sanderson wallpaper called "English Garden" on Ebay....I wish they would reprint some of theor older designs xxx

  7. Such a happy place to visit~I love the cupboards with the paper liner!! Hm, it looks like a paper you sent me!!! How wonderful to share it, you were so kind to do that Krissie!! I will find the perfect project for it...the ceiling moldings made all the difference, I love seeing it evolve. Kudos!

    1. Thanks Amy!!
      Oh yes i knew i had seen that paper somewhere before ;) you are so welcome Amy xxx

  8. I just love your fireplace! Very romantic indeed. I also like your surprise of wallpaper.

    Amy jo

  9. Thank you Amy Jo,
    So sweet of you to say xxx

  10. Ślicznie u ciebie i widać wielkie zmiany ..

  11. The kitchen cupboard doors look so romantic and cute but I really like the white picket fence with the cone flower. Now that is charming and cottage and romantic. The fireplace really warms the cottage up. We lit our fire place for the first time--it is remote controlled with gas logs. A bit modern, I know, but warm none the less. I know that you Steve must be very happy with how beautiful the cottage is turning out. Your work is amazing.

    1. Hello Ann :)
      I really love this time of year and the lighting of the fire,it is so nice to be cozy and warm this year as the work we have done with the insulation etc has really paid off! no more shivering x

  12. A wonderful tour, the cottage is looking more and more beautiful everytime you post...love the bed next to the fireplace...so dreamy and romantic...living your dream as I browse through your lovely photos! Have a lovely week! Sharon

    1. Thank you Sharon :) it is really starting to get some where isn't it?
      Hope you are well xxx


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