Monday, 1 October 2012

Cottage Crafts 'Pomander'

I am always creating and making over bits and bobs for Shingle Cottage as my regular readers will know and it always makes me happy whether it be sewing..painting or some other crafty delight...well  after a chat over a nice cup of tea with my Mum we thought it would be nice to share some of these ideas and tutorials with you so you can have a go yourself if you would like to..For your personnel use...

 The first in the series is going to be Lavender Pomander that will fill your wardrobe with that heady scent of Summer....
Some of you may have already tried this but some of you may not have really thought about those pretty little bits of rosey china you see here and there at charity shops and jumble sales with tired ribbons and tired scents.....

 You will need....
 A china pomander
 A small piece of cotton fabric
 A needle
 Dried Lavender
 Beads and buttons to embelish

First carefully  cut the old ribbon loop off..

Then remove the paper bottom and old filling....i always remove these as they can smell a little odd after they have lost their scent..

Then fill a bowl with warm water and add some dish soap..

Pop in your pomanders and add a baby sterilizing tablet as this will remove the old perfume from the china as well as giving the china its sparkle back..
Leave them to soak for about an hour..
Then  gently rub the bottoms with a scouring foam pad to remove old paper and glue and then dry with a clean towel and pop on one side..
Hold a bunch of dried Lavender over a bowl
I always have some growing in the garden ready for drying and for using in my  projects come Autumn it is easy to grow and perfect to scent many a sewn fancy..
Strip the flower buds off with your finger can wear gloves for this if you wish as your finger tips can get a little tired and sore if you are stripping a large amount..
Soon you will have a beautifully scented bowl full..
Cut a square of fabric..mine here was six inch by six inch but you may need to alter your size depending on the size of the hole in your pomander..
I use pinking shears as it stops the fabric fraying and it looks a little prettier on the edge of the fabric...finer cotton fabrics are  best as it is less bulky and lets the perfume through..
Add a good handful of Lavender in the can add dried rose petals or herbs too if you wish..
Pull all four corners up to the center and carefully hold together with a pin and cut a small length of ribbon long enough to fit around your Lavender parcel..
Then loosely tie it around your Lavender parcel.......remove your pin and pop it back in your pin cushion..
Then pull tightly and tie a bow...your Lavender is now wrapped and secure....give the parcel a gentle squeeze to release the fragrance..
Taking a now fresh and sparkling pomander and  ribbon of your choice..
Cut a length of ribbon long enough to hang your pomander and to tie a knot inside.......thread the two loose ends through the hole in the top of your pomander and pull to create a loop...i used a knitting needle to gently coax the ribbons through...with the two loose ends sticking out of the bottom..
Tie in a double knot to secure and then pull the loop on the top side until your knot below disappears up inside..Pull the loop on top checking it is nice and secure and ready for hanging..
Now push your little Lavender parcel up inside..
Turn it around with your fingers until the bottom of the parcel sits neatly inside......Leaving it this way without a paper cover is much better as you will be able to give your Lavender parcel a little squeeze now and again to release perfume and you can always add a few drops of natural oil to it too if you want to at a later date..
Back on top sew a knot on the inside of the ribbon at the base and secure
Push the needle through on to the right side of the your fingers!
Then add a bead or decoration of your choice....look out in charity shops for broken necklaces as you can use pretty parts for bead here is from a broken pearl necklace
Take the needle back through on the underneath of your bead so the the thread does not show and then secure at the back
Have fun with different treasures you may have to hand such as buttons,beads,ribbons and lace

Below Mother of pearl buttons and beads
Then add to your hanger and perfume your wardrobe with the heady smell of Summer

Below creamy yellow ribbon and an old piece of lace tied in a bow gives a  soft romantic look
Below pale sea foam ribbon with matching side ties

All finished looking and smelling pretty so nice to open your wardrobe and see these pretty perfumed pomanders hanging on your favorite coat or dress and wouldn't they be wonderful hanging in a guest room or to gift to a friend or loved one?
I think i am going to wrap one up for my Mum...just because..
I really enjoy shopping for treasures that i can re work in some way to use in our cottage and these Lavender pomanders will make me smile every morning when i choose something to wear at the start of my day..

Hand making pretty things for your home will give you your own unique look as not all treasure found while out hunting will be the same and especially if you buy from Antique shops,charity shops,jumble sales or car boot sales the treasure you find will most likely be a one off....
So go looking up in the attic..ask Mum or pop on your coat and hit the shops and see what you can find and spend a little time playing your favorite music or movie while you craft your way to happiness....

Will you join me next time for Cottage Crafts?



  1. What a beautiful post, thank you for sharing...
    Came upon you from lovely Mrs Thriftwood blog.
    Wishing you a Monday full of creativeness.
    love Maria x

    1. Welcome Maria!
      Thank you...Maria is such a beautiful name and yes Mrs Thriftwood is lovely indeed x

  2. Oh this is a lovely idea. I too have loads of dried lavender from my bush outside and I was thinking of making fabric hearts filled with lavender for hanging in my always come up with amazing tutorials, thanks for sharing! Sharon x

    1. Thank you Sharon :)
      China pomanders are just too pretty not to use again i think,i hope to have lots and lots of them by the time i am an old lady,one for every hanger would be lovely!
      Enjoy your fabric hearts they sound lovely xxx

  3. These are so pretty! I can't recall seeing these but I will now keep my eye open for them.

    Amy Jo

    1. Hi Amy Jo,
      I hope you find a few when you are out and about,they are such pretty little things x

  4. So sweet.. I've seen those in thrift shops and never really quite knew what to think of them. Your tutorial was pretty, and makes me want to create my own right now, i already have a little bowl of lavender buds from my garden!


    1. Hi Cindy :)
      I used to think the same but they are so pretty in a wardrobe and especially filled with lavender,i think every garden should have some growing its beautiful x

  5. What a lovely idea. I once had a pomander exactly like one of yours--the one you used in the tutorial. I have no idea what happened to it, but with four daughters, I imagine it has a happy home. I never really knew what to do with it, once the lovely smell was gone. Now, I will have to start looking for them in charity shops.

    1. Hi Sandra,
      I always pick them up i don't seem to be able to resist the pretty rose patterns....i wish you happy hunting on your quest for pomanders x

  6. What a really pretty project and so fun to give as gifts; however, I have never seen such pomanders here in the states. Guess I will have to start looking. And plant lavender every year and every year it dies. You have really good instructions, I am going start scouring the thrift shops to see what I can find.

    1. Hi Ann,
      I am going to keep my fingers crossed that i don't lose my lavender at the coast this year,i have a neighbor who lost all hers last Winter,they tend to rot quickly so i always put a good cup full of pea gravel in the planting hole and sit the roots right on top before covering with soil and then add more pea gravel on top to keep the roots cool......I hope you find some pretty pomanders x

  7. These are absolutely brilliant! I am loving the designs and how you altered it! :)


    1. Hi Katherine :)
      Thank you! so fun to change and re use pretty things the designs could be endless couldn't they? x

  8. These are so beautiful! Thank you for the wonderful tutorial. I just love pomanders. What nice gifts they make.

  9. Hi Danette,
    Thank you and you are so welcome! x

  10. Hi,I just adore your pomanders they looked so very pretty bobbing about in the sink!I have quite a few of these and I have filled mine with christmas spice to hang on the christmas tree.Kind regards Pam.

  11. Hi Pam,
    Oh wow they will look wonderful on your Christmas tree,i love them and think they are very pretty x


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