Thursday, 29 November 2012

Beach Cottage?

It was great to read that some of you are going to make your own lace covered jam jars,They are so easy to make and look so pretty...I am going to make a few for Christmas with a bit of sparkle. 
If it's now the weekend and your tuning in and  i'm at Shingle Cottage  Painting in the bedroom and your reading this thinking 'jam jars?' you might want to take a look here Easy,Pretty Lace Covered Jam Jar 
i have  posted a few times this week so you may want to flick back to make sure you don't miss anything....

Last weekend at Shingle Cottage Steve laid all new floorboards in the room which i am going to take pictures of tommorow so i can show you next time,He did  such a great job! Thank you Steve xxx....
I was here,there and everywhere unpacking things,painting,sanding,filling,cleaning you know the girl bits that make a house a home or should i say a cottage a errrr cottage?

Last Sunday while Steve slept soundly  (i think it was the hot chocolate and cookies before bed that did it)
 I was up bright and early cleaning in the room and i decided to take everything that has been piled on the mantle piece week after week off and arrange it all properly and that's when i realized it's all turning out a bit beach cottage in here isn't it?.

I love the mermaid tin sign she is just adorable and the little gold box is great for hiding boxes of  matches for lighting the fire.
Hard to see but at the back left of the bird cage is a tiny boat made of mother of pearl shells that my Dad bought for Mum on their honeymoon,i love it and it's story.

I also played around with the wall lights,swapping up the crystals they came with for the odd larger one and adding some old blue glass droplets to get more of our own look,here they are so far but no doubt they will change as i have just packed a bag of huge glass diamond shaped droplets but i will be keeping the blue glass droplets as it really makes them stand out against the Antique White walls.

Talking of blue glass,my stone girl arrived with me last week too and she is wearing my Grandmas blue rhinestone necklace,i did bring two necklaces for her but one has vanished or it will be in that safe place that we all have girls ;) otherwise known as the Bermuda triangle...

She will have to make do with one necklace for now,i'm sure the missing necklace will turn up when i'm not looking for it.

Little Blue Bird came too complete with his own sparkle....Steve's Mum bought me this for Christmas a few years ago now and it is lovely to potter around putting things out that have come from loved ones,It is nice having everything pass through your hands again and it is fun making it all fit in a new home.

Ruffled shells that my Mum picked up for me while she was out and about for a cottage by the sea,Thank you Mum xxx  She is just the most thoughtful person i know,she is always thinking of others and she has great taste too!.
The tall seafoam candle sticks are going to have some gold gilt finger brushed on them this weekend as we are having a fair bit of gold in this room to warm up the blues and aquas.
Looking at this picture below is making me wonder what it would look like with all the candles burning? 
Do you think that? when you read blogs? like hmmm i wonder what is through that door or if that's how she decorates a Birthday cake i can't wait to see her Christmas tree!!! i know i do :)

It's a wonderful place this isn't it? on the Net,Blog land,call it what you will this place
 where we all get to share our hopes,dreams, projects,lives.

I don't know a more fabulous bunch of  girls to share our rebuild and my crafting and decorating with,Thank you always for your lovely comments xxx

So what's your view,is this room going  Beach Cottage or is it just me?

Join me next time for more ramblings from Shingle Cottage,you know that little place by the sea in England with central heating and hot water coming out of the taps?



  1. Oh sweets, this is GORGEOUS!!! I love the bird cage and the mermaid sign. I love mermaids in general. Wonderful creatures.
    Just got back from the sea myself, we had lunch out and it was fab.
    The air is so gorgeous today.
    Big love
    X xx x

    1. I love mermaids too so magical! Lunch out by the sea sounds wonderful! i might try that one day when i'm not painting ;) Have a beautiful weekend,hugs xxx

  2. I love it, you've got to have a little beach thrown in with the cottage if you live near the beach, it's only natural, a shell or two just makes it look so pretty! Have a beautiful weekend! Sharon x

    1. Thank you Sharon :) Yes your right! have a lovely weekend xxx

  3. Beachy. Just Beachy. I love the look, the colors, the elegance, the antiquity of your style. Of course we have curiosity about our blog friends. In one way we open our lives to blog land, some more than others, but we do it in a cloud of privacy protecting our names, our addresses, more personal stuff. Still it is such fun to connect, to make friends. As a kid I had two pen pals. Our common interest: horses. One pal became a great friend and we had so much in common. Sadly my first year of college she died in an awful car accident. I really do enjoy watching you create your projects, amazed at your talent and style. And every bit as anxious to see you and Steve move into your perfect little cottage.

    1. So sorry to read about your friend Ann that must have been devastating,so sad when those we love are taken from us young x
      Thank you,i am going to be painting the bedroom floor white this afternoon,i can't wait to get there,it won't be long now and we will be by the sea ;) xxx

  4. It is all so lovely. The little bird is beyond beautiful, and it is wonderful that you have the little boat from you mum's honeymoon, what a treasure. I think if one has a cottage by the sea, it is natural and fitting that it reflect its location. To my mind, your cottage is perfection!

    1. Thank you Sandra :) the little birdie is cute isn't he? i have just remembered i also have a carved shell with a lady on that my Dad bought for Mum the same time i must go look to see if i can find it to take today,Have a lovely weekend xxx

  5. I love the beach cottage look..and I think you've got it going on! I love those blue crystal pretty. Lovely post, as always!

    1. Beach cottage it is then Sandy! ;) i found the crystals on Ebay and i wish the seller had more but they didn't,i am going to keep looking,thank you xxx


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