Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Christie Repasy French Farmhouse Labels Decoupaged and aged with Annie Sloan

Hello friends and  creative girls from  all over the world!
I'm back with a little makeover (with a big title)  that you might want to have a read about,It's not too tricky to do and it looks beautiful when finished.

Today i am going to show you how i decoupaged and aged an old pine writing box using beautiful images by the very talented artist Christie Repasy...

Here is a picture below of how Christie's Farmhouse Labels looked when i had finished....
First things first here is a link to Christie Repasy  you will find the packs of  'French Farmhouse Labels'  under 'Stationery and Jewelry'  
The labels are of beautiful good quality and Christie's art is breath taking,i was so excited when these arrived in the postbox.

You can use scissors to cut these out....I used a very sharp craft knife which i took great care using as it is extremely sharp.
I ran all around the edge bringing out all the details.
Once i had finished cutting out all my French Farmhouse Labels i ran a brown colored pencil all around the edges...This stops you having white edges showing when your piece is all finished and makes everything blend together better.
My old pine box was painted using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Antoinette for the top..The bottom was painted in Versailles and dry brushed over with Old White.
The inside in Versailles and Old White....I will be using the old pine box to store my garden seeds and rose labels...
I used a vintage postcard for my center piece...You can find these on Ebay and Etsy.
I painted a shape the same as the postcard in Annie Sloan Decoupage...
Popped my postcard on top and pressed down gently with a damp cloth...
I arranged my French Farmhouse Labels all around and when i was happy with how it all looked i stuck them down in the same way  as the postcard.
I then sanded and chipped the edges here and there to create a distressed and aged appearance.
I then painted over the surface with the Annie Sloan Decoupage and left to dry.

When applying the Decoupage brush it smooth until you have no lines,mine is thick below to show you how it goes on like pva glue so there will be no shocks if you are using it for the first time...It will dry clear.
I painted layer over layer until the postcard and French Farmhouse Labels blended into the lid of the old pine box.....It looks almost as if they are under or in glass.
The amount you use will depend on the thickness of the picture you are decoupaging,Annie Sloan Decoupage does go a long way.
I measured and marked for a pink glass handle to be added to the lid....The pretty French Farmhouse Labels titled 'Pretty Posies' Sweet Peas' 'Roses' All things i will be growing in our cottage garden.
I then used  Annie Sloan Craqueleur all over the old pine box.

..I wrote a tutorial on how to use Annie Sloan Craqueleur Here  if you have not used it before and would like to know how,you will also find my aging technique there too.

After the Craqueleur and dark wax Christie's beautiful French Farmhouse Labels looked a hundred years old and i know Christie Repasy loves the era called Belle Epoque meaning 'Beautiful Era' in French so i don't think she would mind my aging technique...I think Christie and her art work come from Belle Epoque....She is not just a beautiful painter she is a beautiful person too and i know many agree.

Really isn't Christie's art stunningly beautiful? I have looked at paintings and artwork for hours online but as soon as i saw Christie's work i knew she was the Artist for me,Her paintings are so dreamy and soft,i adore them...I intend to have a picture of Christies in every room at Shingle Cottage...
The dark wax brought out lovely texture in the Antoinette Pink  and gave a look of old cracked  leather..
Pretty pink glass handle to protect the lid from dirty gardening hands....
Just lovely and crackled and chipped,covered in old roses, i couldn't be happier with how it turned out...... 
Inside packets of Cottage garden seeds waiting for the Spring so they can be sown,A little book on how to make your own garden posies and labels from the roses we have in the garden at Shingle Cottage so far...
Here it sits on the kitchen table at Shingle Cottage....It looks right at home doesn't it?
I have used Christie's labels on two other projects that i am going to share with you soon and if you would like to order your own French Farmhouse Labels here is the link to Christie Repasy Designs

I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial and i hope it inspires you to create a decoupaged piece of your own..

Join me next time for more tales and creative goings on from Shingle Cottage...


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  1. Replies
    1. All thanks to your beautiful Paintings Christie x

  2. Oh it is a work of art~I guess its a collaboration between you and Christie! Love the techniques you used with the pencil to darken the edges too, and showing how it all looks as you go along~wonderful addition to the Shingle Cottage!

    1. Thank you! Yes indeed Amy,Christie's art is beautiful x

  3. What a beautiful piece!Love how you aged it too!

    1. Thank you Anne :) i love using Annie's craqueleur xx

  4. That is so lovely, and it does look as if it is very old. The pink knob is the perfect finishing touch.

    1. Thank you Sandra! :) i picked the little pink glass knob up at Anthroplogie they have such a beautiful collection x

  5. I'm in love...so beautiful!!! The roses..the pink..the crackling and dark wax...just lovely!

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

    1. Thank you Janet! :) the more i use dark wax the more i love it! xxx

  6. That is beautiful, what creativity and love teh colours!


  7. Beautiful, I was so wishing to purchase the farmhouse labels to put on my bureau. But the website says dollars? that's me confused.. I'm in the UK. you've given me confidence to try it..

    1. Thank you Emma,You can order the Farmhouse Labels as Christie ships to us girls in England,just email her and she will let you know the cost of postage before you order x

  8. Oh really! :) thanks that's brilliant. will definitely give it a go they're just what I'm looking for. Thank you :D xx


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