Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Cozy Cottage

Hello to you dear reader,are you well?
I had some fun today making  a seasonal  header for my blog using a picture of our Christmas tree from last year and of my hatbox and little white swan below that was featured in 'Creating Vintage Charm Magazine' 
So can i ask,do you like it?  is it too early for Christmas trees on blogs? 
I'm feeling very Christmassy myself after last week on Facebook Christmas pictures started to pop up everywhere and then on Twitter too and now i have to confess i had vintage Christmas playing on my ipod today.....
Over the weekend at Shingle Cottage i worked on the bedroom some more..

Ceiling had another coat of Antique White...
Walls another two coats of Sorbet.....
Architrave around  door and wardrobe caulked and sanded,primed etc.......

I want it finished so badly but patience has to be a virtue as there is much more to do at Shingle Cottage......

See the little radiator behind the door? Steve worked through the day putting pipe to the radiators and all that other boy stuff that goes with installing a central heating system....
Steve is Corgi registered and this is his job so should have been easy right? a little cottage all on one floor?....Oh dear it was a bit of a struggle and had Steve declaring at the end 'one of the most awkward i have ever done' but i did help him here and there as much as i could while he crawled around under the floorboards....

Now back to the bedroom and those old pitch pine doors that Steve rescued from a cottage near to Whitby,they were heading for a skip!!
Ah yes time for paint!
Did i want to sand and strip those big old heavy doors? make life hard for myself when i had already lots and lots to do?...oh no Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to the rescue,just pop off the lid and paint it straight over that shiny orange old varnish,really? oh yeah really!
I chose Country Beige which is a lovely beige grey,if you look on my tin below you can see grey on the left of the tin,that's Paris Grey and it has a cool tone to it but then above you can see the Country Beige and it's much warmer in tone.....

Two coats later i had a pair of beautiful tongue and groove doors that looked stunning with the pink on the walls and it only took me about an hour to do,As it says on the tin 'The simple way'.....this weekend i'm going to paint the hinges and door handle in Old White and i may crackle glaze them....
See the right hand door at the bottom has a chunk of wood missing? Steve wanted to fix it but i like it as it is..It looks old and cottagey to me,i like the nicks and bumps about the place....
The bedroom lights will be going up this weekend too.....We have the light below called Aimee by Laura Ashley and two matching wall lights for either side of the pink fireplace...It has been in the box for so long i'm not sure if we have the three light or five? not that i mind but we have that much packed away,some of it for two years now that you do forget what you have.... 
Back in the front we had decided the wall lights were too bright! even with low watt bulbs in so Steve fit dimmer switches and we brought a few more bits of furniture and a floor candelabra.... 
In the opposite corner i gave a mirror a bit of glamour with gilding wax in Empire Gold.....,you just rub it on with your finger tips here and there and it leaves you with a very beautiful authentic looking gold gilt..A little goes a really long way!
I painted my mirror with one coat of  Annie Sloan chalk paint in Versailles and then one coat  over the top of Old White, once dry i sanded back with a fine sandpaper and here is how it looked below...
After applying the Empire Gold below......It really lifts a piece and adds a touch of Frenchy glamour..Here is a link to Amy's online shop  were you can find the gilding wax  .MaisonDecor gilding wax empire gold.
I read a lot on blogs about 'keeping it real' so here is a little shot of our room piled with pieces below but it shall all have to be moved this weekend as we are putting the new floorboards down in here and fitting the skirting boards which i can not wait for!
The davenport desk is Steve's and he has had it a long time,he has given me the all clear to paint it and i nearly fainted,i never thought he would want to change it,I am thinking of Paris Grey,Old White maybe a touch of Duck Egg Blue and Empire Gold.....we shall see,there is no rush...Oh and i am thinking about painting the brick wall back to Antique White...
As night falls so does the light from the wall lights,dimmer switches make a room look so pretty,almost like candle light...
Candle light is lovely to add too......
And a little light from the central heating boiler is lovely!.....I had popped over the road to see my friend Sweetpea and when i arrived back at the cottage Steve had just fired everything up for the first time.....As i stood with my hand on the radiator in the bathroom and felt it warming up i will be honest i burst into tears...if that's a little too sweet then so be it but we have had two very cold Winters at the cottage with just a coal fire and it has at times been hard,on Saturday night when i came out of the shower i didn't have to run down the hallway to dry myself in front of the fire,no it is was warm in the bathroom and the kitchen,the bedroom the dining room and the hall....
 Oh Shingle Cottage i love you even more now you are always going to be warm...
Because it was lovely and cozy i didn't have to dive into bed and get snuggled up straight after my shower so i got to stay up and finish reading my October and November issues of  Country Living.....I always look forward to my copy each month and now i need to get keep a look out for the December issue as it will be all Christmassy won't it? ...
I am going to snuggle up with Steve and watch a bit of tv before bed so i will wish you a lovely evening or day! depending on your corner of the world..

Thank you for stopping by and catching up on the goings on from Shingle Cottage....


  1. Two years with just a coal fire you won't know yourself I would have cried as well. Your bedroom is looking lovely I adore the doors painted and can wait to see what the floors look like.
    Regards Shirley

    1. Thank you! It's so true! i stood in the kitchen at the weekend boiling the kettle to wash up because i forgot we now have hot water in the taps! x

  2. Love using Annie Sloan paint! And you picked the perfect colors too! Love versailles!Looks so pretty with the pink walls!

    1. Thank you Anne! Versailles is one of my favorites,it seems to go anywhere and with anything xx

  3. The country gray with the pink and the white is so yummy i can't believe it..., i have some country gray, and i think i need to paint something with that color combination right now!
    i think it's sweet that you cried when it got all warm and cozy, ya'll have worked your butts off, and i can totally see how you would be touched by that.
    Shingle cottage gets more precious every day. It's like reading a real life fairy tale...


    1. Thank you! I am so happy you like it Cindy,i really love gray with pink! I am on the look out for a wallpaper for the chimney breast now and Laura Ashley have some really lovely pink and gray ones.

  4. Cozy Cottage, indeed! Every single thing is perfection, I could move right in and happily live there. And the hatbox is one of the prettiest things I have ever seen. Lovely, positively lovely!!!

    1. Thank you Sandra!
      I am working on some more hat boxes at the moment,i just love them x

  5. All the little steps along the way lead to the big things finally happening, like heat. Such a relief, blessing and milestone to reach. I can totally understand the tears! I love getting my British Country Living, it is one of the few mags I still buy and love. I can't wait for the Dec issue to arrive in Canada. Patty/BC

    1. Hi Patty,
      I forgot to write in my post that we have now hot water too flowing from the tap and along with the heat it just feels like a home now.
      I do love Country Living it is one of the only magazines i have stuck with over the years,oh yes December issue where art thou? xxx

  6. Your posts are always so full of so many pretty things! I love your new blog header! It is not too early for Christmas--it will be gone before we know it! Have a wonderful thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you Sandy,i really love Christmas and sparkly pretty things,Wishing you a Happy Thansgiving too xxx

  7. Shingle Cottage is more romantic than ever. I love the gold antiquing. You know just the right touch. When will you finally move in? Now it will be warm and cozy. Living here on the Colorado prairie--which I dearly love because it is my home--, I can't help but indulge my fantasy of living in a quaint cottage in the English country side. I am by heritage English and I think my heart belongs to England--it's the genetic memory, I think--, so I have immensely enjoyed reading about how you and Steve have worked toward a fulfilling a wonderful dream. I am anxious to see you move in.

  8. Hi Ann,
    I just love the word 'prairie' it conjures up pretty pictures in my head..
    We are moving as soon as we can,the next big job after we have put the new floorboards down in the front room this weekend is to paint all the floors throughout the cottage white and then once that is done we can take as much furniture as we like...I take boxes of things every week and small bits of furniture....we hoped to be in for Christmas and that still might happen but if not it will be our home the beginning of January without a doubt.
    My posts will be all about furnishing soon with pretty lamps and piles of eiderdowns etc,i can not wait! xxx

  9. Hi,just finished reading your latest post,how lovely everything looks you are so talented,I could not believe the door transformation!Can't wait to see how you dress the cottage for Christmas!Warm Regards Pam.

    1. Thank you Pam x
      Amazing what a lick of paint can do isn't it? Ooooh i love Christmas,all that glitter and sparkle x

  10. Your cottage is looking so cosy and pretty, I can imagine you can't wait to finish it all. End of November, so I think we are officially allowed to start decorating for Christmas - I know I have! Have a lovely week. Sharon x

    1. I have to paint the floors first Sharon,wish me luck xxx

  11. Your cottage is straight out of a storybook -- or at least it ought to be! You are Steve are very talented...I would not even know where to begin.


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