Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Annie Sloan, Antoinette & Craqueleur

Following on from the Huge Chandelier i painted at the weekend and showed you in my last post let's now go into the bedroom and talk wall lights...

I picked up two wall lights with pink glass bobeche dishes and a matching chandelier for the bedroom,the pretty pink glass seen in the center and there are two bobeche dishes to fit below the candle covers when we are all done in here.

When Steve came to fit them the other weekend he realized that there must have been patressess behind originally to mount the wall light to and to hide the cables and connectors...We needed a plan!

Looking online after we arrived home the cheapest i could find were twenty four pounds hmmmm seems a lot for a little piece of wood doesn't it?

Here is a shot of how they look now all finished up...Right lets move on and i'll show you how we did it.

Steve cut out two circles of wood and rounded the edges with sandpaper...He then drilled holes in the center for the cables and connectors to fit through.

These next few shots are very shadowy,sorry it was late at night in the light was really bad.

He also made a small hole in his hand made pattress to hold an arm which holds the swagged beads....Steve is all done and he left to clad the walls in the washroom.

Now i'm up! This is how we work our way through Shingle Cottage team work! 

I grabbed my bag of Annie Sloan, I take this back and forth with me every week,in need it here and i need it at Shingle Cottage too!

I gave both patressess two coats coat of Antoinette.....The wood being new was really porous!

Next i used Annie's Craqueleur.....I wrote a tutorial on how to do this Here.... 

After everything was dry i waxed it with the dark wax just as in the tutorial link above and this is the finished look below....

The dark wax goes really well with the browny gold on the wall light arms and the craqueleud Antoinette makes the pink glass pop out .

You can see the wall lights below at either side of the little chimney breast Steve built.

The pink cast iron fireplace is in the other room as i also got to seal the new floorboards  with knotting solution.

It's important to do or all the sap in the knots will seep through making brown stains all over your floor.

I had time before we left on Sunday to get one coat of white on the floor below too!

Soon that ugly bulb on the roof will be replaced with a matching chandelier but we need the bed under it first as it's a little low and we don't want any bumped heads!!

I have the most beautiful picture to hang on the little chimney breast that i can not wait to share with you when everything is at that stage,won't be long now!.

The Winter sun  streaming through the windows on Sunday onto our Country Grey wardrobe doors before we left.

Everything cleaned and tidied,car packed,hot showers and it was time to go...I always want to stay!

We left the heating on timer to warm Shingle Cottage twice a day so she stays cozy until we come home on Friday.....

Join me next time for  a tale of a little furry someone who has come to live in the garden at Shingle Cottage..



  1. Lovely, as is everything you do! Great teamwork, and those patressess are a clever solution to the problem. I cannot wait to see it all done!

  2. Thank you Sandra! I can not wait too :) xxx

  3. Everything always looks so pretty. Love that cracking paint. Fun! I wouldn't want to leave either. :)

    1. Thanks Sandy! :)
      I love it when the week is nearly over for i know i will be there again in the morning x


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