Friday, 7 December 2012

Bunny Tales

Once upon a time one early cold morning in a cottage garden somewhere by the sea in England a little visitor snook under the picket gate and after carefully looking around  he decided  he would stay for the Winter.

Inside the tiny cottage a lady was filling the kettle at the kitchen sink,as she gazed through the window with her tired eyes she spotted something furry washing its face,she hurried into the room and woke Steve who was sleeping by the fire telling him of a beautiful furry rabbit  in the front garden.

She grabbed her camera and hurried back and tried desperately to get a clear shot of the little bunny through the window pane,The pictures came out all blurry and by the time the camera settings were changed the bunny had gone.

The next weekend while drinking tea and gazing out of the window the lady of the cottage noticed a hole in her flower border....She hurried outside and discovered the doorway to a tiny home....The bunny! she thought...
Through the day while decorating she would peep out of the window and sometimes she would stop and gaze hoping to catch a glimpse of the bunny she had waved to the week before but he was no where to be seen....

She moaned and carried on all day long like a two year old to poor Steve about not seeing the bunny...

She decided to carry on with her jobs and be patient,if the bunny want to be friends he would in time show himself.... 

She got the shock of her life when she sneaked to the window and there he was staring straight at her!

He sat a while nibbling on this and that,Sometimes turning away.....

And sometimes looking straight ahead and listening to the lady who was talking to him through the open window... 

They looked at each for a while and then bunny decided it was time for bed....

The lady watched as he disappeared down the hole and thought to herself..'This could be the start of a beautiful friendship'

Hello dear readers,just a little story and a bit of fun before i show you this little cabinet i made over last weekend..Lovely though isn't he?

I have had the cabinet a long time and it came in a pale grey which looked drab in my pink kitchen so i gave it a coat of Antoinette Pink Chalk Paint.

Here is the before

I added two mirror clips to the back before painting it to fix it to the wall..

And then filled it up!.....It's just enough to make this corner a little more interesting and add to that cottage look we all love.

A tiny tea set and Rose water sit inside along with other bits..

I also picked up some candle sticks and a holder while out rummaging...This one below has it's own little snuffer and a handle to carry it with and it's pink and covered in roses which you know i love!

The neighbors tell me that we suffer from power cuts now and again due to being so close to the sea,atmospheric pressure and all...anyway i think it is best to be prepared and now every time i see a candle stick or holder i pick it up haha....I am not a torch kind of girl,candles will be much prettier should we have a black out..That is if i can find the matches in the dark?

The pair below are really delicate and have a little raised pattern around the bottom..

This is what a black out looks like on our Avenue.....Last week when we arrived it was freezing outside but i ran to get my camera as the moon shining on the sea was magical...

It doesn't take long to get warm inside Shingle Cottage now that we have heating and  wonderful sprinkles,Cinnamon & Vanilla...Christmas in a cup?

Added to hot chocolate with a plate of cookies and white snow covered tea cakes and all is well in our  little corner of the world..

Thanks for stopping by,I hope you are warm and cozy and have Wintery festive plans for your weekend,
It's time for me to go and check i have everything we are taking this weekend so i'll be seeing you next time....
Yes I would love you to take a cookie,Would you like a snow covered tea cake too? 

Join me next time for more Tales and goings on from Shingle Cottage 


  1. The bunny story is adorable! My daughter has a house bunny and we all love a good bunny story around here :)

  2. How lovely! ... mean the bunny and the cupboard, oh and everything else, it's all so pretty!

    Have an amazing weekend

    Claire xx

    1. Thank you Claire! We had a great weekend,got so much done! hope your well xxx

  3. I loved your story and adore bunnies ... I think they are one of God's most wonderful little creations. My granddaughters' room at my home was decorated with bunnies when they were little and I have just recently pulled them from the boxes in which they were packed to decorate my guest room. Guess this means they were more for me than them! (Smile)
    Warm thoughts,

    1. They are sweet and gentle beyond belief! i could watch him for hours,Steve was up early and spotted him in the garden on Saturday...Your guest room sounds lovely and so nice to decorate with things that hold special memories x

  4. Hi loved your bunny,I didn't know there was a Christmas bunny out there!Your cabinet is sooo gorgeous,the pink is so very pretty.I adored the pink roses candlestick and snuffer,you are so lucky to find such pretty things I do so enjoy your blog, I would love to live in such a pretty cottage but as I don't it's a joy to shre yours.Kind Regards Pam.

  5. Hi Pam,I know? a Christmas bunny realy? so glad he came to stay with us.
    I love pink and would have it everywhere,it goes so well with most colours too...You are welcome to share Shingle Cottage with us Pam :) xxx


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