Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Ooh La La!

In my last post  we talked about  it all going a  bit beach cottage down at Shingle Cottage.....
Well after we unpacked the boxes from the car and the fire screen and andirons were in place on the hearth i thought ooh la la i think we are heading  a little Chateau Chic now? French Beach Cottage maybe? 

A huge chandelier sat waiting to be painted by me and hung by Steve,you can see the ceiling rose hanging at the top and her original colour,she was too dark and heavy for our little cottage so i painted her in Annie Sloan Paris Grey  and Old White.....

If anything in your home is dark and looks too big for a room simply paint it a lighter colour,it always takes the bulk away and softens a large piece.

Oh before i forget peek above,another room has new floorboards finished :)

Here she is below hanging from our cladded ceiling,We both love the ceilings and we are so glad we decided to have cladded timber on the ceilings in every room,it was hard work to do between us but so worth it.

The bottom of the light is Paris Grey dry brushed with Old White and you can see the difference between the top which is just Paris Grey on it's own...I added Empire Gold Wax to highlight and this weekend i will be adding some Old Ochre to her and sanding here and there and then adding a little dark wax to get my desired look.

I also brought home a brass cherub lamp which at first i was going to paint but for now i am going to leave it as it is,Steve rewired it for me and added a new bulb holder and i found a lampshade from my stash that was a good size and fit for the base.

I only cleaned the cherub up as the rest of the base has a lovely turquoise patina that i really like as it goes really well with the colours in the room.

While going through piles of fabric deciding what to use for slip covering the lamp shade i came across this child's vintage lace edged blouse i had from France,it is a very pale Bluey Grey...

Lucky for me it covered the lamp shade really well and was good length...I gathered in the neck to cover the top of the shade. 

Taa Daa!! It's a bit different and it will be easy to take off and wash and it's fun to mix things up from what they originally made for...The little blouse is so pretty i want to see it and with a light behind it on an evening with the fire burning it will make me wonder about the little girl in France who wore this blouse,i love pieces that tell a story.

I'm working on a large lamp shade slip cover this week that will be going on a wrought iron lamp in this room too....You can see the huge chandelier in the mirror without her candle slip covers.

Here you can see i added them,the light came originally with Tiffany stained glass shades,i removed these and measured the bulb holders which are larger than normal,I found the larger ones i needed online,they came in a yellow candle colour and were very shiny so i gave them all a coat of Annie Sloan Old White to soften them off with a chalky finish and blend them into the rest of the chandelier....

We realized when we had got to this stage that we were missing nine bulbs,So the nine pale blue pleated lamp shades will have to wait until this weekend to be added to the chandelier. 

So a little more work and a little more of our furnishings and we are a little closer to our dream cottage by the sea..

I have more goings on from Shingle Cottage that i will be posting in the next few days,i hope you are all well and enjoying getting ready for Christmas....



  1. Krissie everything is coming together so nicely! Its very comforting to fill a home with the things you love and collected. Can't wait to see more, XO Christie

    1. Thank you Christie,Yes i agree,those things make a house a home xxx

    2. That lamp is perfect! I love it when something happens seamlessly, it rarely does though. Shingle Cottage is looking beautiful.

      Amy Jo

    3. Thanks Amy Jo,So true it is rare i will make the most of it x

  2. Love your beautiful blog.. i am follower you!

  3. It really is taking shape into a home now~love the lamp shade you crafted out of the old shirt~the entire room looks dreamy!

    1. Thanks Amy! Not long now until it will be our home,i can not wait xxx

  4. It's all coming together!, so exciting. I love that little cotton blouse to death. What sweet soft tiny sleeves. Precious, and a clever idea to use it as a shade!


    1. So ecxiting!The little blouse is too cute to have folded up in the cupboard isn't it Cindy? xxx

  5. LOVE that Chandelier! And that dress shade is so sweet how cleaver!

    1. Thank you Anne x
      I can't wait to sand and wax the light this weekend,oh and add the candle shades,thanks for stopping by xx

  6. Oh, how lovely it all is! I love all of it, especially the little cherub, and the precious shirt used as a lampshade, what a brilliant idea! How very blessed you are, to be making the perfect little cottage by the sea.

    1. Blessed indeed Sandra,Thank you it is getting there now isn't it? lots more to take to the cottage,lets hope it all fits in ;) xxx

  7. This is just beautiful!!! What a creative and beautiful piece!



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