Thursday, 11 April 2013

Painting Shades of Spring

I have had a lovely time this week sewing and painting and even enjoying the sunshine!....The forecast says it's to warm up this weekend so maybe i should pack a bikini? ;) 

I have a pair of Frenchy lamp bases that have been waiting i think maybe four or five years for some matching shades,I know it's a long time isn't it?

 They have been used where we live now in different rooms with different shades...Anyhow i searched all over for the shape i wanted and eventually ended up on Ebay,They were covered in a beigey mustardy shiny fabric with a rope trim which was pretty grim but i looked past that and concentrated on the size and shape and the fact that they were a pair!

This is how they look now much prettier...The lamps and shades are big and stand about two feet tall now they are together,They have that lovely old world over sized glamour about them.

Here are the shades stripped i wish now i had taken a before picture...

I started of with my pink and white stripe rose fabric and yards of old lace but decided to use the lace on another project...I do that a lot :)

I added vintage insertion lace and threaded it with ivory satin ribbon...

Also a vintage broderie anglaise scalloped trim to the bottom...The insertion lace and broderie anglaise trim have been washed over and over and have that lovely soft brushed cotton feel and are lovely and matt against the sheen off the satin ribbon....I like contrasts it makes everything more interesting..

I designed the shade covers as slip covers so i can remove them for washing but also i am going to make a few different colours and designs so i can change up our bedroom along with the bedding.

I made wide belts to wrap around the middle of the slip cover and once tied in a bow it gathers all the fabric in nicely..

The top is elasticated for a snug ruffled fit...

Last weekend we took our big old pine bed with us and we bought a new mattress,It was heaven after sleeping on a blow up camping bed for two and a half years.

Our bed is going to be painted in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint,Maybe in Old White or i just might paint it pink in Antoinette....Steve said 'If you want a pink then do it' 

The lamps will be towering on the little Frenchy bedside cabinets that i made over last year.

Pink chandelier glass to be fitted and cut glass knobs to be popped on the bedside cabinets.....Phew always something to do down at Shingle Cottage....

I had a lovely big order of chalk paint delivered this week too all thanks to my Steve,Thank you Steve xxx
You know it's love when he buys you Chalk Paint ;)

I have painted a wicker bedroom chair in Old English Yellow mixed with Old White and once it's dry and i am going to recover the seat so i will show you that next time,It's a lovely colour.

We sneaked out on our dusk drive again last weekend and we saw white barn owls,Hares, Squirrels and Wood pigeons...The daffodils were starting to open down the lane too and the sunlight was beautiful,It felt like we were chasing it as it shone lower and lower on the hedgerows on my side of the lane and every time we turned a corner you thought it would be there in all it's glory but no..It won't be long before the hedgerows and trees are turning green...Oh the promise of Spring!

We also bumped in to beautiful wild Roe Deer and i just love them,They are so pretty and they prance when they run...As we came around the corner there they were,Steve turned off the engine and the buck and his pretty girl stopped and gazed at us,It was one of those magical just us and them moments and then a car coming the other way startled them and off they danced into the woods....See you again this weekend my deer.....i hope?

We drove on as the sun began to set lighting up tiny daffodils sprinkled under tall sleeping trees...
By the time we get back to Shingle Cottage it is dark and we get ready and climb into bed...We lay and  talk about what we have seen on our magical dusk jaunt...It's heaven to me,Always the simple things in life and spending time with Steve....It's a shame the sun has to set on days like this.

In the morning furniture outside all over the garden and lashings of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White.....Ooooh look tiny yellow crocus waking up!

Inside it was  the same and the drawers for the bathroom i showed you last time got two pairs of lovely curvy legs... 

It was a beautiful weekend and the sky was the most perfect shade of blue over our little English cottage by the sea...

No smoke from the chimney and the heating was turned off..

A dresser top has a first coat of Old White and is left to dry until next week...

Crackled door knobs and pretty key covers were added to all the old original doors,They have chips and bumps all over them but that's why i love them so much,They give our cottage charm and character..

As the sun goes down it's time for bed and then another drive home back should i say...Shingle Cottage is home and i think i leave my heart there every Sunday...Lucky it's Friday tomorrow and We will be homeward bound.

It's late and Steve will be home any minute for his dinner,Well i best go lay the table...

Thank you for stopping by to catch up on what we have been up to...Don't forget to turn out the light will you?

Thank you and goodnight xxx

Join me next time for more tales and goings on from Shingle Cottage..


  1. oh deep sigh!

    Such a beautiful post.

    You should write a book, you have a wonderful way with words.


  2. Thank you Karen you lovely lady xxx I hope to write one ;) x

  3. Hi,I am reading your post at 10 to 10,it's like having a lovely bedtime story,I will go to sleep perchance to dream of a cottage of my very own, that sadly lives only in my imagination!'night 'night from Pam.

    1. Perfect timing Pam :) I hope your dreams were sweet xxx

  4. Such a lovely post. I love reading what you have been doing. Xxxx

  5. Love your lampshades. Thank you for sharing how you recover them. Seems easy enough. What luck to have such beautiful weather. We used to have a cabin in the mountains of So. California, (major redo) I loved to go up there and enjoy the quit and do projects all day. Have a good weekend. Blessings Paula

    1. Your welcome Paula,I love recovering things they always look so much nicer.
      A cabin in the mountains sounds so dreamy! xxx

  6. Ohhhh, i feel like i just went on that wonderful little evening drive with you... It's always the simple things that are the very best...
    Your lamp shades are just precious, what a great shape, and i love that you can just wash them. Looks like a ton of projects as usual, and looks like you're really getting alot done! It's spring here to now, and it is wonderful to see the blooming trees, and flowers popping their little heads out of the ground!


    1. Hi Cindy :)
      Oh i wish we could take you! It is so hard to find lampshades that shape here in England they are all narrow at the top and wide at the bottom but i noticed in the Us you seem to have a lot of drum shapes.
      I am keeping my fingers crossed that there will be lots of daffodils to see on our journey today xxx

  7. Oh my goodness...I love the new very pretty! Thanks for the stroll around the cottage and the peek at your projects. I canot wait for English Yellow to arrive here in Virginia!!!!

    Be well my friend...Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

    PS...I do believe your Steve is a keeper!!

    1. Hi Janet! :)
      Thank you,The English Yellow is so lovely and it's fresh and bright too! I am going to try mixing it with old ochre to make a devon cream shade,fingers crossed ;)

      Have a lovely weekend xxx

      Ps i agree ;) xxx

  8. What a lovely time of year! Was that Laura Ashley fabric, very sweet. Hope you can be permanently settled in your cottage soon. Mary Anne

    1. Hi Mary!
      The fabric is by Tanya Whelan and its called barefoot roses,It's a lovely soft shade of pink and not too candy....Hopefully in the next few weeks xxx

  9. Love your post--that lampshade has me hooked. How cute is that? Is that fabric something vintage or is it available somewhere? I love the sweetness of it an with that lace and bow--absolute perfection. Thanks for sharing it :)Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Sandy!
      The fabric is Tanya Whelan and the design is barefoot roses,I love how cottage pretty it is!

  10. You have such a sweet husband to indulge pink. I love the lamp shade, especially the floral print. So glad that you shared your wild daffodils. Ours here were just about to bloom when we got snow earlier this week along with freezing temps, killing the buds. I don't know what else the freeze may have killed. You must be quite excited to now have a bed at the cottage. How much longer before you move in. We are all waiting. With the week end approaching, have a good one.

    1. Isn't he just the greatest? He thinks it's no big deal but i told him a lot of guys say No!
      Ugh that is so sad about your daffodils,Ours were covered in snow but they had not popped through much so they came out ok,It feels like a real home with a real bed,I know we are waiting too,hopefully in the next few weeks xxx

  11. The deer were stunning!! They do not look like our deer here in the states.... they have a storybook charm to them. Your cottage is lovely you have worked so hard and it is all paying off.

    Amy Jo

  12. Hi Amy Jo :)
    Thank you! Steve said the deer will be having young soon,Can you imagine how pretty they will be?

  13. strange, I just saw this brand of paint in a shop for the first time a few days ago and yours is the second blog today I've read with a tin of that paint in it!! Must be a sign!

    1. A good sign Claire it's so fun to use x


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