Friday, 10 May 2013

We Are Moving!

 Just popping in to say hello and to let you know we are moving in the morning :)
We have a van hired which we are picking up first thing and then were off...We plan on driving back and forth over Saturday,Sunday and Monday, rushing and getting stressed are not on the menu so we are taking it steady and were going to have fun together.

I spent most of this week unscrewing legs and doors of furniture to make everything a little easier for us  to carry and books and lamps and everything else you can think of have been wrapped and packed.

I  also made another 'Memories Purse' all in white with lots of beautiful details and antique lace..

Vintage linens all the way from France and mother of pearl buttons...

Over at Shingle Cottage we  had some lovely sunny weekends and we carried the butchers blocks i painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint out into the garden for two protective coats of clear wax...

Steve stopped in at the garden center and picked up some more perennials for our cottage garden that we started last year that will be filled with colour....

Lupins,Delphiniums,Lavenders,Helenium to name a few.....

Roses too...I chose this one called 'Cottage Rose'....

We even picked up a lovely new spade with an old fashioned handle..

As Steve raked the shingle pebbles away to create another flower border a little someone decided to explore her new surroundings...She has stayed with my Mum on weekends so we could get on and work..

She sniffed the dew from ladies mantle...

She has had a lot of changes lately with our boy leaving home and taking his dog with him she misses them both and now visiting a new home and making new friends had left her a little clingy and unsure of what is happening but this last weekend she seemed to have settled down and was enjoying all the goings on.

Together we white washed the picket fence,gate and arch and Steve planted up his flower border so we should fingers crossed have a lovely colourful border either side of garden path in a few months time..

The Shingulls ;) are back too building a nest on our chimney and we have another visitor who has come to stay with us...

A pretty little mallard duck has made a nest of feathers under the blackberry bushes outside our bedroom window...

Sweetpea had discovered her last week and phoned with the good news,We are both anxiously awaiting the chicks hatching,I will keep my camera handy so i can show you too :)

Inside there has been lots of painting of furniture...

All in old white...

On Sunday when i opened my eyes i looked up at the bare chandelier and then the dressed matching wall lights and i had had enough so in my pj's i went to the cupboard and grabbed the bag of pink bobeche dishes and crystals and climbed on the bed being careful not to step on Steve who has hard and fast asleep..

Then i got back in bed and smiled at my handy work :) 

Thank you for stopping by and catching up on what we have been up to and i'll be popping back in soon with pictures and news about our move.

We have to get connected up to the internet so if you don't hear from me that will be why ;)

Join me next time for more tales and goings on from Shingle Cottage...



  1. So thrilled to see you moving finally to your forever home. So happy you will try to avoid the stress with all of that. Hubby sounds like the perfect partner. I bet he wouldn't even have minded if you stepped on his back to get those bobeches in place!

  2. So glad to hear from you and that things are going beautifully! Great minds think alike ... just today I thought I needed to check on you as you had not posted for a while, but knew you were probably busier than a cat in a sandbox! Hope the move goes seamlessly ... can't wait for your next post to see how things are coming along. .

  3. You're moving!!!! Can you even believe it!!!? You guys are going through lots of changes... and what a wonderful place to be to process it all. Your duckie is so precious. What a treat to be able to watch her hatch her sweet babies. I'll be so excited to hear and see more as you settle in


  4. and the funny!!!!!!!!!

    Happy moving day my friend!

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  5. and the funny!!!!!!!!!

    Happy moving day my friend!

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  6. What an exciting time for you. Your cottage is beautiful and the garden will be too. I envy your little visitor under the blackberry bush!

  7. Happy Moving! Those puppy pictures are just that little memories purse...the lace and all is just so pretty!

  8. Oh K, I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to see the pictures of you actually living there ... Have lots of fun, and catch up soon!

    Happy New Home

    Love Claire xxx

  9. Im not a regular poster but wanted to send smooth moving vibes!! Wishing you much love & laughter for the coming years at Shingle Cottage

  10. I'm so excited for your part...finally you're moving into your beautiful cottage! Enjoy the unpacking and the placing of your furniture, you've waited so long to do this. Look forward to seeing pics when you've finished moving. Have fun!

  11. All that you have going on an you have time to blog--and garden--and sew. In these grim times--according the news anyway--it is so wonderful to see happy people living their dreams--cheerful, pleasant people, positive and happy. Congratulations on all of your hard work. You and Steve have created such a beautiful sanctuary by the sea. Life does not get any better.

  12. What colour name is the green paint in the picture with your block? It looks like the perfect shade I'd like to paint my footstool with

  13. Congratulations! It's been a long haul, but almost over.
    I'm looking forward to seeing the cottage furnished.
    The chandelier and sconces look just right. Well done.

    Wishing you happy hauling.

  14. Hope your move goes o.k. Love all your painted furniture. And your dog is so cute. Hope you show more pics later on.

  15. Hi,I'm VERY excited that you are moving in at last!!You made me giggle to think of you putting up the boubles whilst Steve was asleep!!I could never get away with that with my hubby!I can't wait for the next post,hope everything goes smoothly.'Bye for now Pam.

  16. Oh, what an exciting time. The front garden already in. Love the chandelier and sconces. Thanks for sharing. Blessings Paula

  17. Oh what an exciting time. You've even planted you front garden. I like the chandelier and sconces on the wall. Thank you for sharing. Blessings Paula

  18. your blog so very much. I check in to have a nosey on your progress quite often. You have both worked so hard & it looks stunning...can't wait to see the finished results. Looks like your white powder puff doggie is helping with the gardening or just supervising where the plants are going haha!

    Be happy in your new home.


  19. Oh how wonderful for you - moving day!!! Your blog has delighted me on so many occasions, I can't wait to see how it all comes together in your so, so sweet Shingle Cottage. You are living my dream - Happy Move in Day, & Congratulations!!!!

  20. Wishing you a very stress-free moving day Krissie...You must be so excited.
    Love your new perennial border...I'm sure it will be stunning in a month or so...

    Hope you will be settled and happy very soon,
    Niki :)



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