Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A Christmas Cottage

The Autumn seemed to fly by didn't it?
Our week days have been spent creating lots of little bits and bobs and we have had some lovely times snuggled here on our white cloud with feather duvet and cushions enjoying life by the sea.

Then we were asked if we would like to be a part of something wonderful and it was to involve our  Shingle Cottage and Christmas too!

Two of our favourite things had us saying 'Yes please!' straight away.

Our room like the rest of the cottage was really in a terrible state when we arrived......Shingle Cottage had been neglected for a long time and we have had a lot of work to do which we have done ourselves as my regular readers know...

I grouted that wall in the depths of Winter with no heating as Steve laid the tiles on the hearth and dry lined the walls....Hard work but we had lots of fun building our dream!

Our first fire!
I painted the wall and warmed my hands in between brush strokes..Oh it was heavenly to be warm!

It was a challenge to make this little cottage shine again but we kept on working every weekend and she became a little better and a little better.

Time passed and then Christmas came early to Shingle Cottage and we didn't mind one bit,I have truly been so excited about trimming our little cottage for our first Christmas here and what i would and how she would look.

Everything was dressed in pale pink roses,Frosted whites,Vintage Christmas Cards and sparkle!

Feathers and rhinestone buttons...

Candle light and silver glitter....

A Snow covered Christmas tree with frosted branches,Baubles and roses...

The fire was lit and the scene was set....

A Christmas Cottage!

But why i hear you say?

Because our little tumbled down cottage is honored to be a 'Cover Girl' on the December issue of Creating Vintage Charm Magazine' 

Sonia Cardona Cruose has worked so hard putting the holiday edition together and it is so beautiful,lots of inspiration and greetings from around the world.

The magazine that inspires and shares your excitement in creating and crafting. Featuring your handmade and repurposed creations and ideas, lots of colorful images, featured artists,studios, shops, tutorials, blogs, galleries, how to's and tips and more...

Now you can order a paper copy of Creating Vintage Charm at magcloud but if you can not wait and want to read it now you can have a digital copy  to read on your laptop or computer by going to the same link but instead of clicking on 'buy print' click on 'buy digital' and it will be right there for you to see!

Digital is only available until Sunday so hurry if you want one and in the holiday sale it is only $4.44 so is a really great treat.

Oh and Sonia had so many wonderful things to share in the holiday issue that she had to make an extra magazine and its free for you to read online,A wonderful little early Christmas present!

You can read it here Holiday extra 2013

Now grab a hot chocolate,light the fire,snuggle up and dream a while....

Join me next time for more tales and goings on from  Shingle Cottage XxX


  1. How exciting for you! Your cottage looks even more beautiful dressed for Christmas. I will be buying the digital copy now. Happy Holidays!

  2. Yes very excited! :) Thank you and enjoy Creating Vintage Charm xxx

  3. I love seeing your pretty cottage:decked out for Christmas! I am a new reader, but some time back I found your blog and read all about your work on the cottage. It is really precious and how great to be included in the magazine and to be a cover girl!




    1. Hello Sheila :)
      It's like a dream!...Thank you so much! xxx

  4. What a stunning cottage and a tribute to all your hard work! Congratulations on being featured in Creating Vintage Charm...I always knew you were cover girl material! Love this publication and looking forward to receiving mine soon.
    Happy Christmas, my dear friend. Sending much love from Colorado. xxoo

  5. Thank you so much Mar!
    It's a beautiful issue,so much loveliness to pour over! I can't wait for it to arrive so i can curl up with my girl and have a good read.
    Happy Christmas to you too my lovely friend sending you lots of love from England xxx

  6. Congratulations. All your hard work will receive proper recognition! So glad I found your blog again in time for this particular post.
    Here's toasting you and Steve with my hot chocolate, with cardamom on top!!!
    Marje in NC

    1. Hello again Marje :)
      Thank you!! Oh yum i'm making a hot chocolate too and then we can 'chink' and say cheers ;)

  7. So happy to see that you are so busy and having so much fun!

    1. Hello Mary :)
      Happy to see you too! are you having fun and getting ready for Christmas? xxx

  8. How wonderful! The cover looks so magical...can hardly wait to see the rest of the issue..Congratulations!
    much love from Virginia,
    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

    1. Thank you Janet!
      I have had a peek at the digital copy and there is so much loveliness inside,Enjoy your read xxx

  9. Fabulous! I am so happy the world will be treated to your enchanted cottage...I would never call it a tumbledown cottage...enchanted my dear! Congrats!

    1. Thank you so much Amy!
      Enchanted does sound so much nicer doesn't it. ;)

  10. How wonderfully exciting. All of your hard work will inspire others to take on their own shingle cottages. I will have check out the magazine.

    1. I hope so Ann it i hard work but so much fun x

  11. OH MY GOSH! Just look how magical and pretty your house looks on the cover... It looks like a dream... You have the prettiest tree in the world - I'm so tickled for you! I'm gonna have to go get the digital version right now!


    1. Thank you so much Cindy it feels like a dream too!!

  12. Wow... A front cover no less, well done the fire looks enticing and a hot choc and a dog to cuddle up with.... What could be better. So pleased to have found your blog, just added it to my favourites. Frances x

    1. Welcome Frances :)
      Thank you for your kind comment xx

  13. Congratulations K on being on the front cover of such a lovely magazine! Love the touches of sparkle and glitter amongst the vintage and floral accessories. Sharon x

    1. Oooh hello Sharon :)
      Thank you! i hope all is well with you xxx

  14. Thank you much for visiting my first post all the way from the UK to welcome me to the enchanting world of blog land.
    I spent some time looking at past posts, you offer beautiful magical charm in your words and photos.
    Congratulations on the magazine spread and making the cover ... Wow what an honor. Your decorations for the holidays and the beauty of your cottage is so pretty.
    Merry Christmas from Philadelphia,

  15. Oh, oh oh!
    I went through a lot of your older postings and could stay all day reading and swooning over your cottage life.
    It's just so much cottage charm full of beauty and grace.
    Congrats on the cover. What an honor and so deserving.
    A beautiful holiday to you one that inspires the heart.

    Merry Christmas.
    Joyeux Noël



  16. So enjoy your blog and can't wait to read the magazine. I have just ordered it to be delivered to Hong Kong.

    Hope you have a lovely xmas in your divine cottage.

    Best wishes Lilly.


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