Monday, 6 January 2014

Florals And Fabrics

Hello,Are you well?......Enjoying all the promise of a New Year?
I know i am looking forward to so much this Year and after all life is what we make it isn't it?
Before i start this post i would like to wish you A Very Happy New Year!

I had a wonderful time with Steve wrapped up in our bubble of roaring fires,chocolates and movies and sleeps if we felt like it too over Christmas,so relaxing and so nice to spend lots of time together.
We had old friends come to stay with us too just after Christmas but before New Year ;) which was lovely and so much fun!

Well today the Christmas tree and all its bits and pieces are packed safely away and  Shingle Cottage  has had a Spring clean and plans are being made for the coming year....Oh and thank you for all your super nice comments on my last post,you girl's are the sweetest x

I thought you might like to see the room now the trimmings are down and before i start a few projects i have been planning for a while.

I love the little stone statue on our mantle piece and i love how you can see her reflection in the mirror too,She wears lovely old rhinestone necklaces to catch the sunlight as it peeps through the windows,Faux roses and hydrangea freshly washed i think make a romantic scene to see us through the colder months until the garden begins to grow...

The top one was my Grandma's and my lovely Mum bought the bottom one a few Christmases ago,i do like a bit of sparkle.... 

Above her on the top of the mirror are these two sea weathered cherubs watching all the goings on at Shingle Cottage ;) they lived outside in  a garden here at the beach and the salt has wonderfully                                                                  weathered them...

I think statuary and flowers are a lovely way to bring the garden inside don't you?

Last nights ashes are resting in the hearth,you can see the andirons which go with the firescreen in this picture and the large gold chippy candlesticks which were one of the first things i painted when we first moved in together all those years ago...

I wrapped a rose and berry garland around the  old Frenchy ceiling light and added chandelier crystal droplets to it's branches....

They catch the sunlight and look a little like raindrops....

Bringing a little more garden and light into the room and it looks so feminine and pretty...

That's where is snuggle up right there on that sofa with my candles from Cabbages & roses flickering on an evening...

I love my big white work feather filled pillow but i think for the colder months ahead i'm going to bring some more colour into the room...

I'm going to make some pillows and cover a couple of bolster cushions for the sofa's,its not a permanent change but it is a great way to change the look of  a room and i can soon change it back to all white when i desire...

I have these fabrics which work well with the pinky red of the clock and with the colours in the wallpaper.

The floral and French check are Laura Ashley and the stripe is by Cabbages & Roses Three Inch Stripe In Raspberry..

I love linen slubby cottons where you can see the weave and they have that lovely aged English linen look about them...

Yes i think that should warm the room up until Spring arrives.....

Yes with the fire roaring and a Brandy we may just get through the Winter ;)

Well it's time for me to get measuring and cutting after a nice cup of tea,so i shall see you soon girl's thank you so much for stopping by....

Join me next time for more tales and goings on from Shingle Cottage.....



  1. I love those fabrics. I selected some similar ones on a project I am doing and found mine on eBay because I was having trouble finding floral chintz with roses. Thankfully England still manufactures pretty chintz. Yours is lovely. Love the raspberry checks and stripes, too. I also have a raspberry check I love.

    I also wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your video. That little pupster with the sleepy head was the cutest and perfectly timed with the music.

    happy New Year!



    1. I love florals,checks and stripes too! Good old Ebay its always there isn't it for those hard to find bits and bobs,I have so much fabric you wouldn't believe it if you saw it ;) it is going to be nice to start using it. Raspberry is such a lovely shade for check as its not too red and not too pink but sits well with either i find.
      So glad you enjoyed the video!Thank you she is a cutie isn't she and no acting classes either! I do love that little pup.
      Happy New Year to you Sheila xxx

  2. Hi K, love your pretty mantle and how you've trimmed the chandelier with flowers and tiny lights. The fabric is gorgeous too! I was looking at the same check one from Laura Ashley! Have fun making up your cushions! Sharon x

    1. Hi Sharon :)
      Thank you so much!I do love Laura Ashley they have some beautiful fabrics old and new designs,
      Happy New Year to you xxx

  3. Happy New Year!,My heart leapt with joy when I saw that you had a new post for me to enjoy,I do so love your exquisite style. The idea of bringing the garden into your sitting room is a good one.I can't wait to see the beautiful cushions that you're going to make.I'm now going to look at your post once more!! Warm Regards Pam.

    1. Happy New Year Pam!!!
      So happy you enjoy reading our posts,i promise to write more this Year! I will post the cushions as soon as i'm finished.
      Enjoy your week xxx

  4. I know there are so many Rose Cottages in blogland but yours really is a ROSE Cottage! Your sofa looks like the perfect snuggle spot for these cold winter days. Now that I have begun painting with ASCP I have an eye for others who are painting with it too...and I see your painting everywhere! So pretty. Your first Christmas in your seaside cottage must have been heavenly. A dream come true xxo

    1. Hi Kerrie!
      Thank you so much!oh i will look out for your pieces too! i love ASCP it is easy to spot once you start using it isn't it,i see blogs and i think hmmmm i bet that's Paris Grey and Old White ;) Christmas here really was a dream come true!

  5. The room looks beautiful, as always, and I love your choice of fabrics to winterize it! I would not have thought the addition of pinks could create a warmer feeling in a room until seeing this post. I know it will look amazingly comfy and cozy once completed!

    1. Hi Diane,
      Thank you! I love pink in all it's shades but especially the raspberry pink in these fabrics as it goes with so many other colours,even blues, I can't wait to get them finished and on the cushions.

  6. It all looks so lovely, so homely. I imagine the brandy decanter will get a top up before the end of winter ;)

    1. Thank you Nicky :) and i do hope you are right about the brandy ;) xxx

  7. Ilove the wallpaper.
    Whose is it and what is the pattern?

  8. Hi Betsy,
    The wallpaper is by Sanderson and the pattern is called Pemberley x

  9. Your update arrived just as I was wondering if I had somehow lost my link to your lovely BlogSpot, but Woo-Hoo !! here you are and I couldn't be more delighted.
    Your room looks so lovely and I love the introduction of you cosy tones for the forthcoming cold weather we have all still to look forward to.
    Can you tell me where to get similar flowers ( in the vases on your mantelpiece I have been looking for quality faux roses/flowers for ages now and getting nowhere fast, I also love to fill my house with flowers just after the Christmas décor is gone to welcome the anticipation of Spring and summer to come and would love to do it big style this year and mix real with Faux, so any pointers would be great.
    Have a wonderful fun, laughter and good health filled 2014 to you and yours from me & mine, and that goes for all the like minded Shingle Cottage followers. Love Mary

    1. Hi Mary :)
      Oh we nearly had a girl overboard did we? ;) so glad our update reached you! Thank you so much! The roses on the mantlepiece i picked up a few years ago from a pretty little home shop and i have visited since for some more but they didn't have anymore...The hydrangea which are in the same vases and a lot of faux flowers around the cottage are from an online shop,i will look it up for you and send the link! Sending lots of love and New Year wishes to you and your loved ones too Mary,Love Krissie xxx

  10. My little visits to your cottage are always so relaxing and refreshing. It is lovely to see a pop of color with your white.
    and I can't wait to see your finished cushions. Stay cozy and warm...sipping your brandy in front of the fire. I will be joining
    you, across the miles, in Colorado. Much love.

    1. Hello Dear Mar,
      Thank you! I love the idea of sipping brandy together ;) I am working on the cushions today,i would love to have them finished for when Steve arrives home on Friday evening,I hope you are cozy in Colorado too! I have the fire burning it is so cold out today xxx

  11. Where do you find such beautiful fabrics? I suppose I just need to look around more. The cottage looks so beautiful. And blogs such as your have helped me break my magazine addiction.

    1. These are Laura Ashley and Cabbages and Roses Ann.Thank you! xxx


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