Monday, 25 August 2014

Flower power

Hello,how are you?

All is well here at Shingle Cottage,It's Bank Holiday Monday and Steve is sat comfy reading a gardening magazine and i thought i would pop in and write a few lines,we have tea and the biscuit barrel is filled with custard creams and hob nobs and soon we are lighting the fire.

It has been awfully cold this last week and there is a real nip in the air in our corner of the world and last weekend we had a back lash from Bertha who blew her gales and threw her rain at our little cottage by the sea.

We were tucked up safely inside with the lamps lit as it was so dark! pottering about and dead heading the pom pom geraniums from the kitchen window ledge,i adore the smell of geranium leaves don't you? they smell of yesterday's childhood in Dad's greenhouse mmmmmm lovely old memories we keep tucked away until a little wiff and you close your eyes and could be right back there smiling at Dad...

  Looking out of the kitchen window i could see our hollyhocks getting lashed with rain and then the wind blew them sideways,then round in a circle,then sideways,on and on and on....

Every time the winds dropped i sighed with relief but Bertha was to rage into the afternoon and around midnight it was forecast that she would be very angry......would our hollyhocks still be there in the morning? 

I kept peeking out of the window and whispering hold strong!!! Steve had staked and tied them the best he could the day before...

We grew them from tiny four leaved plants,watched them grow,fed them,tied them up and watched the first buds appear.... 

 They were glorious and cottagey,so old fashioned looking in pink,lemon,peach,velvety red and white,towering ten feet tall,we marked pencil lines on the bamboo poles as they grew each week until they outgrew the bamboo poles..

As they day wore on the gardens had huge puddles and leaves and petals were blowing everywhere,inside dinner was cooking as we listened to the thunder rumbling above...

Do you see my thatched cottage teapot next to the little lit lamp? its so lovely i will show you when we are catching up next time,you can see the sweet peas blowing in the wind outside the window too and there at the other side of the lamp is the biscuit barrel and two cups waiting for me and Steve.....

Out in the cottage garden i could see our pigeon,well he's not ours but we feed him every day and when the table is empty he sits on the roof and waits for us to bring him food even in a storm,with his shoulders hunched and the rain bouncing off his feathers,poor lamb.

Out i ran with my tin of bird food and all the extra bits i buy to mix in that i think our feathered friends will enjoy...i was drenched but i know our pigeon took shelter in our garage with a nice full belly.

After the storm the sun shone and the hollyhocks got right back to blooming,all was that's what i call flower power!

A little fluffy someone has spent the summer with us too.....

Ever so pretty and loves flowers just as much as we do....

The cottage garden has been lovely this year and i have lots of pictures to show you after we have chatted about the thatched cottage teapot and the new old china on the kitchen dresser....oh yes and the sweet peas i must show you them too!

Beatrix has lounged in amongst the flowers the whole summer long ,i can't blame her can you?


If she isn't in the cottage garden you will find her at the bottom of the bed...can you see her fluffy little head in the middle with her little black nose to the left?

Oh how that girl is loved....

There was talk of some lovely old wallpaper covered in lilacs and roses being pasted to that little chimney breast this afternoon so i guess i best say goodbye,take care x.

Will you join me next time for more tales and goings on from Shingle Cottage?



  1. You have once again brought an eraly morning smile. A delightful way to sart my morning reading sbout you hollyhocks. Here, they grow like weeds. i had a small forest south of the house. My little grand daughters like to make flower girls out of them. Fall is in the air. good old luck on Etsy. I love your work.

  2. I am in awe of your cottage garden. As I read of the storm , and the hollyhocks inhaled my breath. Now they take me back to times of my childhood. Will have to plant some next year.
    Looking forward to the next chat .
    Cheers, Gee

  3. Such a lovely post making me wish I was there - after the storm, of course! : ) Your kitchen looks so cozy and welcoming, and I'm sure it was a great place to be during the storm. Your cottage garden is beautiful and I'm glad to hear you didn't have any damage to those gorgeous blooms. Looking forward to seeing those future posts!

  4. It must give you so much pleasure to be able to snuggle up in such a warm and cozy home while a storm is raging right outside your window! I absolutely love your sweet, sweet cottage, and so look forward to your posts. So glad that the hollyhocks survived - your garden looks wonderful - no wonder Beatrix loves it! Can't wait to see more photos, and the lilac wallpaper sounds heavenly.

  5. Hi, I was SO! excited today to catch up with your blog.I'm very glad your BEAUTIFUL Hollyhocks survived! I must say your garden is an absolute delight,just the sort of garden I crave and I spotted lots of favourite flowers! I just adore reading about your magical cottage and garden!Hope the wallpaper went on well cannot wait to see it.Hope you have some sunshine for your garden.Very best regards Pam.

  6. Hello lovely K....your cottage is looking so lovely and romantic in the faded cosy...I am finding myself more and more drawn to vintage decor and recently made something you'd love hah! Hop over to see when you have a chance. I am so hoping to plant more cottage flowers next spring. I will have to remove some pavers to give me more soil to plant in, your garden looks absolutely exquisite, you are over run with sweet peas! How lovely! It is definitely getting cooler, time to light the candles and snuggle up under a blanket or two...have a lovely week. Sharon x

  7. Everything is so wonderful it doesn't even seem like it could be real, but really only part of a beautiful home and fairy garden. I LOVE your hollyhocks. I have tried to grow them before with no success. I would die and go to heaven to have some. The bird is so sweet sitting and waiting for treats, and you even have a little bunny friend. Oh my goodness, it's just all too precious...


  8. What a lovely blog and heart felt words and pictures...thank you so very much,


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