Friday, 1 August 2014

Romantic Beach Decor

It's the first of August and a warm breeze is carrying the heady scent of sweet peas and roses on the air in the cottage garden here at Shingle Cottage........
High Summer,flowers from the garden and long walks on the beach had me wanting to create a romantic look for our room.

A length of antique lace on a weathered chippy table,sea shells,creamy white sweet peas,cottage rose and white snap dragons and of course candles for romance...

The sofa covers and pillows are freshly washed and glowing white,it has been so lovely to dry washing out in the sunshine,everything smells so much fresher...

A former silver platter that i sprayed antique white holds a bunch of sweet peas named Mrs Collier that we have grown in the cottage garden this year...

Sweet peas are a great way to have bunches and bunches of fresh flowers in your home as the more you cut the more they flower and they smell heavenly....

Pretty pink shells and starfish wash the sea shore into Shingle Cottage.....

I picked the Laura Ashley urn up for a pound and it's the perfect size to hold a vintage rose covered cream jug that Steve bought me on  day out in Grassington a few years ago,i picked white snap dragons from the cottage garden and some fresh roses from our David Austin shrub named 'Cottage Rose' it's ruffled,perfectly pink and smells wonderful,i would highly recommend it for your garden..

Steve is sat on the couch below the floral wallpaper and he is chatting to me about the hollyhocks in the front garden and it has just started to rain......hmmmm cozy night with the candles burning?

I do love candles and how they flicker around a room....

I painted our chiffonier and table in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint using Old Ochre and Original with lots of distressing and chipping back...Original has such a lovely soft creamy tone that sits in wonderfully with vintage china and cottage flowers...

I found my pink pleated standard lamp in a charity shop and paid the large sum of four English pounds,originally the base was dark wood but not for long as i gave it a softer look again with Chalk Paint  using Old White...

It's a year ago since we moved to Shingle Cottage and after flicking through book after book and magazine after magazine,year after year it is so lovely to have our own romantic little cottage by the sea ...

A place to grow flowers and to grow dreams too and as time passes by a place to grow old in....

But first thing in the morning me,Steve and Beatrix will be walking along the beach,hand in hand and chatting about what we are going to be up to this weekend.....

I'll hurry back and see if you have left me a note to say hello,i hope you are all well and that you are enjoying your Summer,sending love from the three of us,see you real soon xxx

Will you join me next time for more tales and goings on from our place and yours Shingle Cottage..



  1. Krissie, I just love all of your blogs. The cottage is so lovely

    1. Thank you so much Marian,i am glad you approve :) hope all is well with you xxx

  2. Ahhh such a lovely post. I can't believe you have been there a year now, you are so lucky to live by the sea.
    Ooohh I love Grassington, I haven't been for a few years now, I think I trip is on the horizon!
    Have a lovely weekend.

    1. I know Alison it has flown hasn't it? yes i feel very lucky to live by the sea,its a dream come true.....Its a while since i visited Grassington too i must have a little word in Steve's ear ;)
      Enjoy your weekend xxxx

    2. Welcome back! You and Steve have created the most wonderfully warm, welcoming and lovely home I have had the pleasure to "visit"; always so many new things to see and gain inspiration from. Yours is my idea of a truly "Ideal Home". Thank you so much for sharing it.

      Enjoy the rest of the summer.

      Marion in the UK

  3. Stumbled upon your blog ... so happy I did. Such a dreamy cottage. Soft colours ....
    Happy weekend.
    Hugs, Gee

  4. So lovely! I wish I could step right through my laptop and into your lovely living room. : ) What a beautiful ruffled rose. I am going to make note of the name. I'd love to add another bush to our condo. I put in one pink bush last year and waited to see how it did before I bought anymore. I miss all the rose bushes I had at our old house, but am trying to add in here.

  5. Hurrah!! At long last a new post from you,I was worried wether you were ok! It's sooooo! good to hear from you again and to see your very elegant room,that rose is perfection,I must try and get one for next year,though where to put it goodness knows! Also your wallpaper is just my cup of tea! I had a dresser and painted it Old White and am so glad I did as it shows of my trinkets beautifully! I'm going back now to your post to feast my eyes once more,hope for another post quite soon,to see more rooms in your cottage and a peek at your garden would be wonderful! Very best regards Pam.

  6. I can't imagine finding such cool lamp in a charity store no less. The cottage looks perfect. I just wonder how Steve can bear to leave the cottage. You have created such a sanctuary and by the English coast. Life does not get much better.

  7. Just beautiful. I really like your floors and I am not a fan of white floors but yours create such softness to your home. You really did an amazing job painting your coffee! Seashells and roses are my favorite!!! xx

  8. Oh, this is such a charming, cozy room. How nice it must be to snuggle up all cozy with beautiful flowers and soft candlelight. So glad your garden is rewarding you with vases of roses and sweet peas, it must look lovely this time of year.

  9. So peaceful and lovely, always lovely to receive your posts. Patty/NS

  10. Such a peaceful, pretty room. I love receiving your posts. Wishing you a lovely August. Patty/NS

  11. I've missed your posts. Don't know if something kept them from coming or you've taken a break but so glad to see more of your darling cottage. You are blessed! Please show us more....Mamie

  12. Hi Krissie, it's been a while since you posted last, I wondered where you'd got to! Your cottage looks very lived in and hard to imagine it is just over a year old...very romantic and soft looking, so glad you are enjoying your lovely cottage! Sharon x

  13. Oh the living room is lovely! I love that wallpaper. I'm glad you are so happy there.

    Amy Jo

  14. My the year has passed by so quickly... your cottage by the sea is lovely!


  15. Your delightful cottage provides inspiration for a little cottage we have in the back garden of our home in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada...I love to have little visits to your place via your blog posts as it brings back such delightful memories of visiting England on the many trips we have been able to make there to visit family. Thank you for sharing all the work you are doing to create your special haven!

  16. Nice to hear from you again. You have done a marvelous job with your cottage....very cozy looking.

  17. Hi Krissie - All looking beautiful! Batten-down the hatches and enjoy the weekend inside your lovely home...they say the tail end of a hurricane is on the way!
    Stay cosy, Niki

  18. Can't believe that (a) I never hit the 'follow' button and (b) the last time I popped over you were just moving in! Can it really be a year?
    But what a year of transformation! What a beautiful home you have created in that time.
    I need a big cup of coffee and a long rainy afternoon to do a mega catch-up; am that inspired that I'm off to paper another wall!

  19. The last time I popped in you were just moving in, and, now, a year later I am in love with the beautiful home you created.
    I have just watched your seaside video and it makes me hanker after living by the coast again! There's that awful chasm that if I hadn't got my mum to move closer to where we live, I would still have a home by the sea. Makes me feel sad and guilty all at the same time!
    I need to immerse myself in your blog to lift my spirits!! It's so inspiring!

  20. Oh my goodness gracious... it is all so so pretty. What a precious, charming place, i'm totally enchanted ...



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