Thursday, 4 September 2014

Early Summer In The Cottage Garden

Hello again,

I have heard the girls whispering here and there about Autumn and how it has arrived,well the early mornings are cooler but we are enjoying some lovely weather here in England at the moment and i for one am not ready to say goodbye to Summer just yet,i love these last weeks of flowers and warmth and sunshine....well what a Summer it has been.

It all started not long after we had worked hard for a few weekends in the cottage garden earlier in the year,you can read all about that here  Spring has sprung 

Beatrix has loved to sit at the garden table on her dads knee and look up this little path to see who comes and goes through the picket gate,we have spent a lot of time sat around it too,eating dinner and bowls of ice cream,quietly reading piles of magazines and books,chatting with friends,some times with a glass of wine under the stars with candles burning......

Some times watching  flowers blowing in the breeze and listening to honey bees buzzing here and there and hearing the waves crash on the shore,so lucky and so thankful for all that's around us....

The aquilegia or grannies bonnets as we call them arrived along with the lupins and foxgloves and  the cottage garden burst into colour....

The sun so high and bright and the foxgloves looked lit from within,i love foxgloves i think they are enchanting and so story book,I love all flowers,the old cottage ones are my favourites....

Lupins,foxgloves and delphiniums reaching for the sun as the three of us sat around the round table in amongst them and enjoying the warmth of the sun just as much as they seemed to be....

Roses in bud ready to perfume the air,snap dragons and daisies unfurling their petals in the heat of the day...

Delphiniums started to burst their buds and the borders in fresh greens started to become a little fuller.... 

Long Summer days with light nights and bright sunshine,
All kinds of little flowers burst their buds in the borders and the peonies put on quite the show.

Half way up the garden path is a little hollow that fills with water every time it rains or the hose pipe has been used and the birds love it!

Here is pigeon from my last post enjoying a long drink...

Then the baby blackbird who loves to bathe in it,the robins too....

The bird table has brought lots of pretty birds to the garden and while washing up i have watched the robins and sparrows feeding their young on the paths and have had the pleasure to watch them grow....

The goings on in the cottage garden have not gone unnoticed from high up on the roof.

All was well and green things were growing....

Beatrix loves to be outside in the cottage garden....

Outside the lavenders were stretching their buds skyward and all the other flowers peeked threw the picket fence to see...

The obelisks that Steve had built now covered with climbing roses covered in buds....

 I love watching the cottage garden from the kitchen sink as i wash the dishes....

Talking of dishes,I still have lots of new old china to show you next time we chat and we can look at the cottage garden in high Summer along with the sweetpeas which have flowered and flowered and are still going strong,they are blooming lovely!...

Well it's been lovely catching up with you,i hope all is well in your world,are you ready for Autumn or are you holding on to the last days of Summer like me?..

Will you join me next time for more tales and goings on from our Shingle cottage?



  1. Your cottage by the sea is so pretty. xxo

  2. How absolutely lovely! I adore your garden and the gorgeous flowers. Sweetpeas and foxgloves are two of my very favorites, and I love delphinium, too. They last for all of about ten minutes in our tropical heat, but I could not resist planting some of the latter last year. I adore their intense blue color.

    Thank you for sharing your garden with us and your your little precious. She reminds me of a little white lamb. Love your pretty china, too!

    Sending all good wishes across "the pond"...


    Sheila :-)

  3. Oh...your garden is gorgeous. How many beautiful flowers! I love the shelf with all of your china

  4. Your garden looks blooming lovely,spring has just got here in Australia and I am looking forward to my garden getting some flowers. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Simply enchanting!!! It must be such a joy to stroll among your lovely garden - and I am so jealous of your lupines, I never have luck with them. Looking forward to seeing your garden again.

  6. How wonderful!! I do so enjoy reading your story...I can almost believe that I am there at Shingle Cottage. Than you. xx

  7. Oh your garden so lovely and romantic and English. When I toured England, Ireland and Scotland, I was astounded to see that the same plant material was grown there as we grow here, only you all do it so much more elegantly and gracefully and with such ease as we do here. Here we have to beg and plead, bribe and coax flowers to grow so beautiful, They had to be of hardy stock to withstand the hot prairie winds, the long dry days that turn into weeks, the crummy clay soil.

  8. Your Cottage is just exquisite and your garden is probably the loveliest I have seen. The colours are beautiful, I love pastels and am so pleased that the Hollyhocks survived the wind that you mentioned in your last letter. I covered a lamp following your tutorial and am very pleased with the outcome, wish I could show you. Look forward to your next blog.
    Thank you, Auriol

  9. I did enjoy my stroll through your beautiful garden,all the plants I love,cottage gardens are my favourite you have planted it so well.As always looking forward to hearing about your china in the next post,that photograph is just lovely,I can almost smell those Sweet Peas!! Kind regards Pam.

  10. All your flowers are just beautiful! I gave up about a month ago--it has been so hot here seemed I just couldn't water enough. I miss my flowers and am used to still having them at this time of year. Your flowers are so pretty I feel like I can smell them through the screen!


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