Tuesday, 1 September 2015

June In The Cottage Garden

Hello again,

Happy September! i hope you are all well?
Well when did September sneak upon us? we have been busy here at Shingle Cottage and we have been enjoying the Summer months,too much it would seem as the months have passed by since we last spoke,lets go back to June and i'll show you the cottage garden,we have been lucky this year as the downpours of rain and then brilliant sunshine really made everything grow really well,including the slugs and snails!

Lupins,foxgloves,grannies bonnets,ladies mantel and delphiniums,roses and daisies in bud and lots of lush greenery,the cottage garden faces North and we are lucky as the flowers are backlit by the evening sun....

The borders a few weeks before,they soon grow and reach for the sky at this time of year,Beatrix has been for her morning walk up the garden path....

These Irises were given to us last year by a friend and they were in a tiny pot and not flowering at the time,we planted them and then this year they were lovely and flowered for weeks...I do love blue flowers in the cottage garden...

Lupins blowing in the breeze that flowered and flowered and apart from some greenfly and nibbles from snails they gave a lovely colourful show....

Cranberry reds and dusky pinks.....

So wonderful how each little petal is wrapped and seated waiting for it's turn to open...

White lupins that seem to glow and frothy lime green ladies mantel flowers all along the garden path....

The delphiniums are just starting to open by the garden gate.....

We will tell you all about them next time....

 It is a lovely sunny blustery day here on the cliff top and i am going to water the hanging baskets and i have some washing to peg out too,i am keeping busy as my lovely Mum and Steve went home today and that always makes me shed a tear but in a nice way,it has been such a lovely weekend and me and Mum popped into two church fairs and a few charity shops and i have some lovely treasure to show you in one of my next posts.

Well i am wishing you a lovely day what ever you may be up to and we will see you next time for more tales and goings on from Shingle Cottage.



  1. I have said many times before that your lupines are stunning. I love, love, love the pink ones.

  2. It is amazing the gardens you have created in such a short amount of time here at Shingle Cottage. Our climate is so dry that is is difficult to grow so many flowers. Our drought is making it all the more difficult. You are blessed to have rain and sunshine and the mist of the sea to keep yours growing happily. I never ever see Lupines so this a real delight. They are stunning! Happy Gardening dear friend. xo

  3. Your garden is fabulous. The lupines are absolutely stunning.

  4. Your garden looks so lovely! I've never grown lupins before, but seeing yours makes me want to! : )

  5. Have missed your posts and thought of you yesterday...then here you are...thanks for sharing your lovely garden and sweet Beatrix......

  6. Hi,your garden is gorgeous,cottage gardens are my favourite! Please post again sooooon! I would love to see your treasures

  7. So lovely to start my day by reading a post with photos of your beautiful garden. I am so jealous of your lupines - they are gorgeous!

  8. Hello Beatrix and Krissie! Your garden is so beautiful and so healthy! The frequent rain and sunshine are the perfect recipe for a beautiful garden aren't they? We have had a really good summer for growing as well, rain and sunshine, deadheading and watching out for Mr. Toad because he blends in so well with the groundcover that I almost step on him! So wonderful that you had a good time with your Mum and cannot wait to see your treasures my dears! xoxoxoxo

  9. My sister who lives in Maine brought me some lupin seeds from her garden. I have never grown them before and hope that they will do well in my garden in Va.
    Love your flower garden , such a beautiful sight!

  10. I love them all, the colors and the breeze blowing. The scent is wafting over the ocean to me. I'm so glad you had a lovely visit, with your Mom. Beatrix looks at home in the garden. <3

  11. Hello dear K, your garden is looking so delightful and romantic, I can't believe your Lupins they are beautiful! It seems you are still very much enjoying life on the hill overlooking the sea in your lovely romantic cottage. So nice to hear. Wishing you a lovely week. Sharon x

  12. Oh my - gorgeous garden. I am sure you are familiar with Carolyn Aiken's garden on Prince Edward Island.

    1. Oh Bernideen you would lose my little garden in Carolyn's,it's so beautiful! x


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