Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Daybreak on the cliff top and the soft golden light that i love so much warms my neighbours rooftops as I rest against the sink gazing out of the kitchen window on to our flowers and watch the house sparrows flitting here and there while butterflies rest on verbena and lavender,bumble bees are up early collecting pollen from the hollyhocks,it seems all of nature is awake and me and my hot cup of tea steaming as the cool early morning air creeps through the open window,there is a damp and a dew first thing now that September has arrived and I wonder if our cottage garden will push way past it's bedtime like last year as it blooms and blooms and fills our lane with colour. Beatrix is curled up in bed and all is quiet here now that Mum has gone back to her life in the city and there are jobs to be done and washing to peg out on the line so I shall wish you a lovely day ahead and hope that it is kind to you,sending love from the kitchen window x


  1. What a view you have to wake up to; I adore hollyhocks. And, when we can get them, we all love those blessed morning moments with just ourselves, the lovely air, and our thoughts.

  2. Thank you Down Raspberry Lane, I love your name! our hollyhocks are late this year and are just starting to burst,i love them too. it's so true those quite moments are so needed,have a wonderful day x

  3. What a romantic and beautiful view from your kitchen window!
    HUgs Alessandra


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