Sunday, 1 January 2017

Boozy Brandy Trifle

One of our readers  Susie asked if I would share the recipe for Boozy Brandy Trifle so while making this one for New Year i had my  camera with me so i could show Susie and you if you would like to know too step by step...

My Mum always used a Bird's raspberry trifle but i have made it with separate jelly and custards too....You will need a large strawberry vanilla swiss roll and a tin of strawberries,slice the swiss roll into thick chunks and layer in the bottom of your chosen dish....

Using a spoon tuck the strawberries in between the swiss roll until it's nice and full,save the juice from the tin as you will be using this in your jelly...pour little cap fulls of brandy all over the swiss roll slices,remember don't eat boozy brandy trifle and drive ;)

When making your jelly mix with hot water add one third of the mix with the juice from the tinned strawberries,it makes the jelly taste lovely and cools the liquid down,when mixed and cool enough pour over your swiss roll and strawberries and leave to set,i pop mine in the fridge...

Make up your custard and heat until it starts to slightly thicken and then pop on one side and sprinkle caster sugar all over the top,this stops a skin from forming and dissolves to make the custard sweet,pop on one side to cool.

When whisking the dream topping add two caps full of vanilla extract and whisk until it forms peaks...

When the custard has cooled pour on top of the trifle and pop in the fridge to set,when set spoon the dream topping all over the top and lift into snowy peaks with a fork..

Sprinkle flaked almonds and chocolate sprinkles all over the top and make a circle of sticky glace cherries and pop one in the center....

I always pop my Boozy Brandy Trifle on top of a cake stand as it looks pretty on the table..

There are so many ways to make trifle and you can use fresh strawberries and fresh cream if you prefer but this recipe is just how Mum made it and is mine and Steve's favourite.

Will you join me next time for more tales and goings on from Shingle Cottage?....



  1. This is just like my trifle only I use Sherry just like my mum aunts and so on throughout our family. The old ones are always the best. I didn't do one for Chrismas but think I might have it on my to do list for the weekend have seen this lovely one in your pages. What can I say ! (can't see green cheese ) Mary x

  2. Thank you! Some of your ingredients are not available here in the same form. (No idea where to get canned strawberries, for example) but I imagine I can make a good trifle with your instructions.

  3. sounds so yummy! Thnaks for the delicious recipe
    Hugs Alessandra

  4. This sounds delicious and looks so pretty for the Christmas holidays! Thank you for sharing your Mom's recipe with us. :)

    Have a great week!


    Denise at Forest Manor


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