Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Tears And Treasure

Mum left early on Monday morning, I waved her and Steve goodbye and off they set homeward bound...

I pushed the picket gate closed and walked down the garden path with Beatrix running ahead, turned the key in the door and then the tears rolled down my face, I missed my Mum already and she had only just left... the cottage was so quiet...

A bunch of beautiful roses Mum had presented me with the day before with a huge smile on her face made me smile as I sat down with a cup of tea..

So bright and cheery on the mantle piece, I popped them in a tall Victorian jug that Mum and I found down in town earlier in the week, Mum reminisced about her Grandma Sarah Jane who would place a bowl of bread and butter pudding in front of Mum with a huge jug like the one holding the roses filled to the brim with hot custard..

Yes Mum's kindness worked it's magic, I bought the little print online and it came the other day with the postman and the sunshine,it matches a taller one I have in the kitchen, I do love verse's and sentiments around the cottage they are a gentle reminder..

I also came across this photograph in town that tells us on the back it was taken at a cottage near Whitby around 1870 taken by Frank Meadow Sutcliffe and is simply titled 'Woman In Garden' I had a frame that it just fit in,luckily.. 

I love her striped dress, what colour do you think it would have been? Whitby is by the sea so maybe a lovely blue and white pattern? I love the trug resting by her dress and the little seat, the arch made of tree logs and the window with sash opening, it's all so pretty and so me...

We had snow and wind  forecast which came early yesterday morning so I popped out and cut a jug of lilac as being on the cliff top the sea winds can burn the lilac flowers to nothing in no time at all,this is the most lilac I have had since we came to Shingle Cottage and it's a dream come true for me, I always dreamed of living in a cottage with a lilac bush that I could gather a jug of lilacs to bring inside.... last year I only had three blooms so this is wonderful to have so many,i wish you could smell their sweet perfume..

The blue Carlton Ware jug that holds them was another find this week at the church table top and bric a brac fair...

Mum bought me a beautiful little milk jug in the palest petal pink that I am going to take with me the next time we are shopping for paint to have a tin of paint mixed in the same colour...

I filled it with perfumed bluebells from along our garden path...

Jugs seemed to be a theme with Mum and I as she bought one covered in her favourite flower the poppy and I found two small jugs ( the one on the left and one on the right) covered in violets and yellow roses to match my tea pots..

I also found these two teeny tiny jugs which are perfect for holding small garden flowers and loved that one was named 'Sweet Nancy' underneath isn't that sweet?

Mum saw these two ladies watching us so we decided to bring them home with us, I am going to make these half pin cushion dolls up one for me and one for Mum..

I have wanted some more rose bowls and was lucky to find these two, one  an old rose transfer pottery and the other cut glass, our garden is covered in buds so it won't be long until I am picking posies again...

I spent a while at one stall filled with old ephemera and vintage postcards, a postcard of Our Lord and a book titled Wayside Wells...

Which I especially love as I have many little books by my bedside to reassure and lift me reading a few pages before bedtime or should I wake in the night and not be able to sleep, I think the mind can wonder in the wee small hours and I find it helpful to have a little library of sweet verses at hand to soothe and guide ....

Also a trio of religious postcards that must have been a set, I searched through but could only find these three, I wondered if they made a long picture as...

Each had a little of The Lords Prayer upon it...

More lovely words on this religious postcard...

A very old programme from Drury Lane Theatre Royal, I think the lady on the front is wonderful don't you?

Inside wonderful old advertisements...

Look at the date 1891 isn't it amazing that it has survived all this time? and the headline Beauty and The Beast still going strong today...

These three are for later in the year, I won't mention the C word ;) but they were too lovely to leave behind..

A lovely little war time cookery book from 1940, we have plenty of eggs in so I am going to try some of the sweet recipes so will let you know how they turn out...

Forget Me Not's as sweet as can be...

Roses too... the card on the right has a sweet verse that reads,

I am thinking of you my dearest today
And wishing you every bright wish and gay
The roses will tell you a message true
That my heart is thine, full of love for you

it is signed on the back Ethel x

We popped into a charity shop while in town and a lady who volunteers her time there came out of the back and said isn't this Laura Ashley wallpaper pretty? shame there is only one roll .... I dream of finding wallpaper like this covered in roses and forget me nots, please could I take it?  I asked as she was putting it on the shelf, she turned and smiled and again said it's lovely isn't it? Mum was cooing about the pattern all the way home. we stopped in the memorial park and sat on a bench underneath the blossom tree's all you could hear were blackbirds singing and the two of us chattering away, we sat and went through our bags showing each other what we had and why we loved it so, we love the same things me and my  Mum...

I hope you enjoyed looking at our treasures, next time I will show you the linens on the washing line, yes there's more ;)

Mum had such a lovely time that she checked her calender as soon as she got home and told me she is coming back early May now that stopped the tears and pet lip straight away, oh what fun we are going to have not to mention the treasure we might find ;) 

Wishing you a lovely day ahead x

Will you join me next time for more tales and goings on from Shingle Cottage?



  1. Dear Krissie, what joy to be included with all your lovely treasures and times with your Mom! The lilacs are gorgeous and waiting for them to burst forth here. All of your religious pieces are so sweet too! Happy Sweet Spring to you!xxxxx

    1. Thank you sweet Mary, i'm so happy you joined us, I wish you could smell the lilacs but hopefully you will have a jug filled in your cottage soon. the little religious book is beautiful and has some lovely verse's I know you would love it too, Happy Spring to you too,sending love xxx

  2. Sounds like you had such a wonderful visit with your mum - so nice to have company while seeking out treasures. I collect vintage motto prints such as yours, because I also find many of the sentiments so endearing, especially the ones about mothers, friendship and gardens.

    1. Yes thank you Lala we had a wonderful time, I am always on the look out for sweet little prints too, did you see the one in my last post that I hung over Mum's bed? I hope life is treating you kind,enjoy your day xxx

  3. Loved this post and all your wonderful finds. My mom and I use to do the same thing. We had so much fun. Thank you, Linda from Bakersfield Californian.

    1. Thank you Linda, I hope you will enjoy my next post with the rest of our finds too. Mum and daughter time is so special isn't it? lovely memories that we make that stay with us forever, wishing you a wonderful day xxx

  4. Hello,what a treasure trove,it was like a dream to find so many gorgeous things. And for your mum to enjoy it with you,perfect! Your Lilacs are so beautiful it is lovely to have your dream come true,I do so envy you your beautiful cottage,looking forward to seeing your linens,reading your post has been a fabulous start to my day thankyou soooo much.

    1. Good morning Georgina, thank you so much for your kind words,you have made my morning too! i'm ironing the linens this morning and I have my camera ready so I will be posting them soon,wishing you a wonderful day xx

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Freda, wishing you a lovely day x

    2. Krissie, what a wonderfully blessed trip your mum must have had being with her lovely daughter and spending time searching for treasures together. Two peas in a pod I think. Sometimes mums feel there use has come to an end when daughters grow up become adults and they can feel a little surplus to requirement & isolated but the time you both had together must have your mums heart sing all the way home. I totally agree with your tear moments but with your next date already planned you have so much to look forward to. I miss my mum but reading your lovely story just brought back the times we would laugh together. Thank you for that. Your things are so beautiful too. Mary x

    3. Good morning Mary Lindsay, yes thank you we had a lovely time and Mum knows I still and will always need her very much, I can't imagine life without her or her not being on the end of the telephone three or four times a day. I am so sorry to read your Mother has passed, sending love to you and wishing you a lovely day xxx

  6. What lovely finds you have and how nice that your mum was there to share. I lost my mum when I was in my forties, twenty years ago, but I have lots of memories to treasure too. I also love cottages things like yours. They give such pleasure with their reminders of simpler times.

    1. Thank you Stella, I am so sorry to read you have lost your Mum, memories are the loveliest things I think, Mum has come to stay again this week so we are making lots of memories and enjoying the sunshine now the rains have stopped, wishing you a wonderful weekend xx

  7. You find such treasures, I would like to treasure hunt with you. So many of the cards you found are lovely and the jugs or vases with flowers on them too. I like your idea of keeping some sweet poems near your bedside. I read the Bible every night for a few minutes.

    1. Thank you Terra, it was a good week for treasure hunting! I do love to rummage and find lovely old pieces to bring home to our cottage. my night stand is full with lovely poem and verse books and yes I have and read the bible too, wishing you a lovely weekend xxx

  8. so many great treasures! Love them all!


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